Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is LOOOONG overdue!

For a long time now I have been reading some blogs daily that are not even reflected on my blogroll. That was an oversight. Laziness on my part.

That has been corrected. Added to the blogroll on the right are:

And then I said.. - I recommended this blog to everyone so often and so enthusiastically that someone suggested we should just get a room. Well, XO don't swing that way (not that there's anything wrong with that), but I still enthusiastically recommend you add him to your must reads.

Athiest Rants - she's an atheist, living in Salt Lake City, Utah. If that doesn't take big brass balls the size of Mars, I don't know what does!

cubicle gangsta - I was actually a bit shocked when I realized that I hadn't gotten around to adding frog pajamas to my blogroll. I've been reading her for a long time. Met her through nightmare over at Smells Like Bullshit. She's brilliant, witty and adorable. You just can't beat a combination like that!

Dangerblog - Eric is the husband of Well Hell Michelle. Met him at one of our blogger meet-ups. That there's what they call "networking"! He should post more often.

Funk's Front Porch - This is the official blog of Kansas City's new mayor. They actually had a link to me on THEIR blog roll for a while, but they had to take it down after they got complaints about my "content". I don't blame them. Some times I'm offended by my content too. Especially when its boring. I think they might even have blocked me from commenting. Probably a smart move, ya think?

...JustCara - OK, I am like way behind everyone else on this one. Cara is a recovering republican whose blog was one of The Pitch's "Best of Kansas City 2006" Award winners. I ain't got me no awards! She's better than me. Go read her!

Lunatic Biker - I think this is a bit of an oxymoron. I think all bikers are lunatics. Get all dressed up in gaudy spandex and a stupid looking helmet in an unarmored vehicle and get out on the road with road-raged, SUV driving idiots like me? If that isn't lunacy, I don't know what is. But if you are a cyclist, you'll like this blog.

Neil Gaiman - I read this blog for three reasons; 1. Neil 2. Fucking 3. Gaiman. I'd read this guy's grocery lists if I could get my hands on them. I'm gonna go check eBay.

Saders - This is mostly Keith Saders blog. He's a rational, scientific, atheist kinda guy...just like me. He is married to Janet. I met him at a blogger meet-up too. See, ya gotta start coming to these things!

The Flogging of America - "A mix of social commentary, political awareness, and artistic expression." And they are just really cool. Met them at a blogger meet-up too! Starting to get the picture?

The Kansas City Post - This is Mark Forsythe's blog. He ran for some government office in Kansas City (I think it was City Council) during the last election. He lost, but I think he probably should have won. His posts on the problems and opportunities facing Kansas City are well reasoned, well researched, calmly explained and lacking in partisan hysteria and vitriol. Seems like pretty level headed guy.

The M. Toast Hivemind - Yep. Met her at the blogger meet-up! Good stuff! She's kinda twisted in a really good way.

Tiny Voices In My Head - OK, this chick really RAWKS! Literally. She plays guitar in a band called PUSSYWHIP. She's hot, she's smart, she's funny, she's a bit of a geek, she designs web pages and her husband looks like Jesus. The real blond-haired, blue-eyed, anglo-Jesus. Not that blasphemous, middle-eastern, dark-skinned, curly-haired, Jewish-looking Jesus that you may have seen pictures of. You may have seen her leaving comments on my posts. She's "webmiztris".

Wil Wheaton - For those of you unschooled in geekdom, Wil Wheaton is the actor who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I first saw his blog mentioned on Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy. But I just figured it was geek adoration and didn't bother to check it out. Then I kept seeing him show up on other blogrolls and I finally read some of his stuff. He's really good! I especially like reading about how he got fisted (no lube) by the ST:TNG execs after he decided to leave the show. He's also very intelligent, witty, and has political views in synch with mine. I like him.

Welcome, my friends! Sorry for not acknowledging you sooner!


KC Sponge said...

So when are these blogger meetups? Maybe if I go to one I'll have something to blog about . . .

Xavier Onassis said...

There ain't no regular schedule. But the next one is:

July's Blogger Meet
hosted by
General Blather & My Spyderweb
Thursday July 26th at 5:00pm
All Import bottles $2
321 E Gregory Blvd, Kansas City, MO, 64114

Mark said...

I agree with all your choices except The Kansas City Post. That Forsythe guy is moron.

Webmiztris said...

thanks, man!!

frog pajamas said...

thanks for the plug dear. you are a doll. work is going well and i should have time on sunday to blog. have fun at the next meet up.