Thursday, July 19, 2007

Musical Greatness!

Emaw over at Three O'Clock in the Morning may have kept me from being viciously bitch-slapped by Greg Beck at Death's Door.

He saved my ass with this post and this link.

I'm lovin' this because I don't have to have some big formal playlist of randomized songs or have music that sucks up your bandwidth and starts playing everytime you visit whether you like it or not.

I can just throw a little Louis Prima at ya for no reason. You can listen to it or not. Your choice.


Then I could follow that up with a little Santana. It is impossible for me to not start pounding out rhythms on the nearest flat surface when I hear this song. Flat-chested've been warned. I can't help myself.


After my last divorce, this song by The Mavericks was my favorite. I could listen to it (and play my congas...yes, you can play congas to country music...if you're good like me) over and over again. Fucking awesome song!


And I'm sure Greg Beck himself will appreciate a little Morells thrown in for good measure. They were a mainstay of the old Parody Hall. I'm digging this musical freedom.


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satyavati said...

Where is the IRON MAIDEN?!!!