Monday, August 13, 2007

Bad News, Good News and Mini Movie Review

The bad news is it's hotter than the surface of the fucking sun and my AC unit went tits up this weekend.

The good news is I rent and my landlady is a saint. If I owned the house, I'd have been facing major repair costs that I can't afford. Instead, I just called Sherri who made arrangements to have both the AC and heater replaced entirely with brand new, shiny, high-efficiency units that will save me money. And, she put me up in a local hotel while the units were being replaced.

When I got home from work tonight, the crew was just finishing up. At 6pm the temp inside the house was 95 degrees. I decided to go grab a bite to eat and watch a movie while the AC tried to play catch up.

Saw "Stardust". Whenever I watch a movie alone, I try to pick one that neither my daughter or girlfriend would want to watch with me. Plus, I just finished the book not too long ago. I enjoyed it! Very "Princess Bride-ish".

When I got home 3 hours later the temp in the house was only down to 85. Right now the thermostat says 83, but the hallway is considerably warmer than my bedroom. With a fan in there, I should be fine.

Spending tomorrow night at the gf's, so no more blog activity until Wed night.


crse said...

I heard stardust was like a shrek for grown ups! We are very excited to see it. Stay cool xo. Stay cool....

Red7Eric said...

I think it's utterly fantastic that you saw "Stardust" because the two women in your life wouldn't want to. I heard Robert DeNiro plays a big gay sea captain. AWESOME.

Stinkbait Boucher said...

I was on a conference call today from my kitchen when my in-laws showed up to return a cooler, to bore my daughter and to make me put a price tag on human life.

As I discussed burning issues on my cell phone my father-in-law discussed Stardust - which he'd viewed last night.

"It was really pretty. Sort of a fairy tale." he said. "I think they either filmed it in New Zealand or made the place up entirely."

I gave him my best "what the fuck?" face but was thinking of you as I'd read your post not long before.

So - what say you? New Zealand or a product of your imagination? The question is apparently important enough to interrupt conference calls and real life in general.