Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tuesday Night at The Girlfriend's

I went over to the GF's after work, got freshened up a bit and we went out in search of dinner. Didn't have anything in particular in mind, she was driving, and I was up for anything.

We wound up at The Jersusalem Cafe. She had been there before, I had not. In fact, with the exception of some sort of candied date delicacy that an Iranian student at Penn Valley shared with me back in the '70's, I had never had any middle eastern cuisine at all. Because you know, once Americans start choosing falafel over cheeseburgers, the terrorists have already won.

For starters, we had some Krass (spinach, feta cheese and onions, rolled in phyllo pastry & baked to a golden crisp) and some Baba Ghanouj (pronounced 'baba ganoosh'...say it! It's just fun to say. 'BABA GHANOUJ'. If I ever decide to give my daughter, young Galadriel Tanqueray Onassis a little brother, I think I'll name him Baba Ghanouj Onassis...has a nice ring to it!).

For dinner, she had Mousaka (layers of eggplant, ground beef, tomato sauce, a mixture of cheese, potato and bechamel sauce. Baked to perfection), and I had the Jerusalem Kifta Plate (fresh lean ground beef mixed with parsley & onions, marinated in a tahini sauce & mediterranean spices, topped with potatoes, carrots, mushrooms & green peppers).

Goddamn that was some good eatin'!! We were too stuffed to have any baklava.
After dinner, we went by the video store and rented "300" and "I Think I Love My Wife".

Loved 300.

"Messenger: Who does this woman think she is that she can speak among men?
Queen Gorgo: Because only Spartan women give birth to real men.

Messenger: A thousand nations of the Persian empire descend upon you. Our arrows will blot out the sun!
Stelios: Then we will fight in the shade.

Persian Officer: Spartans, lay down your weapons.
Spartan King Leonidas: Persians! Come and get them!

Dilios is putting a patch over his eye
Spartan King Leonidas: Dilios, I trust that "scratch" hasn't made you useless.
Dilios: Hardly, my lord, it's just an eye. The gods saw fit to grace me with a spare.

Xerxes: Your Athenian rivals will kneel at your feet... if you but kneel at mine.
Spartan King Leonidas: That is quite an offer. Only a mad man would refuse it. But this kneeling business... I'm afraid killing all those slaves of yours has left me with a nasty cramp in my leg.

Xerxes: Consider the fate of your women.
Spartan King Leonidas: Clearly you don't know our women! I might as well have marched them up here judging by what I've seen."

I'd seen it before, she hadn't. I can watch the same movie over and over again if I like it. She's mostly a "once and done" kinda gal.

Then we watched the other movie. 'Nuff said about the other movie.

I'm a simple man. At my age there are few things that bring me greater joy than just snuggling with the woman I love and watching a movie.

I was feeling so warm and fuzzy that after we went to bed and were blissfully 'spooning', I felt an overwhelming urge to share my feelings. I told her (as I often do), how very much I love her. I told her that when I'm not around her, I feel feels like a piece of me is missing.

She said, "Yeah, when I'm not around your BRAIN is missing!"

I reminded her of what a colossal BITCH she is and we giggled ourselves to sleep in each other's arms.

Later, when she was sound asleep and snoring like a drunken truck driver, I farted and held the covers over her head.

Ahhh, memories!

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emawkc said...

Ah yes, the old Dutch Oven trick. The only real sign of true love.