Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dubya Comes to KC

Mike Hendricks over at The Star had some of the same observations I do. But I'm not beholden to any corporate masters, so I am able to express much the same point of view with greater eloquence and color.

WHAT A FUCKING DOUCHE-NOZZLE!! Bush spent last night at The Intercontinental on The Counry Clup Plaza in midtown. This morning, at 7:50am, the inconsiderate asshole closes off a major commuter artery into downtown KC at the height of rush hour so that his security entourage could motor 15 minutes north of KC to have breakfast with some local politicos and celebrities (like George Brett, Carl Petersen, Kitt Bond, Sam Graves, Tery Dunn and Ann Dickenson)at a diner in Parkville. Where he had ONE FUCKING BUISCUIT!

Bush may as well have stood up in the sun-roof of the presidential limosine and used both hands to flip off everyone made late to work by his political photo op while yelling "I'M PRESIDENT BUSH! FUCK ALL Y'ALL!!! HOW DO YA LIKE ME NOW, BITCHES?!?!?!"

What an asshat. Hey, here's a thought. Next time, how about all of you sycophants looking to jack off the president get in your own cars and motor on down to where the president is staying and have breakfast with him there? Huh?

Nobody has held up traffic for George Brett since 1985. Carl Petersen, Kitt Bond and Sam Graves can take their chances in rush hour traffic like everyone else. I'm betting The Intercontinental on The Plaza can put on a pretty impressive breakfast spread. Especially if all the president wants is A FUCKING BISCUIT!!


Kato said...

Typical elitist Republican behavior. Fuck the little folks who have to work for a living.

Have I told you lately how much I despise Republicans?

Xavier Onassis said...

You may heve mentioned it, in passing, from time to time.

Not so's anyone would notice or anything.

crse said...

Ok you know Im totally with you on the inconsiderate elitist douche nozzle viewpoint. But as I read this, I kept wondering, would you really have felt better if he'd have gotten a huge spread as opposed to just the biscuit? On the other hand, it does seem to add sting to the insult. If you are going to show disregard for the people of KC by closing down commutes so you can eat breakfast then by God you better be shovelling some steak and eggs into that greedy little cockholster.

Xavier Onassis said...

"greedy little cockholster"

heh heh heh!!

I love that!

Poodles Rule said...

The ACLU recently obtained a copy of the document that tells the people doing his "public appearances" how to handle "the bad people who don't like Mr. douche" and keep said douche from knowing that people hate his ass.

Anonymous said...

yes...midtown was totaly fucked all because of our lovely mutha f'in president wanting a buscuit. i really enjoyed sitting in the traffic for 1/2 an hour.

Faith said...

See, and all I can focus on after reading the Star article you linked to was this sentence: "Bush took some of the patrons at the Riverside cafe as he stopped in for breakfast."

He TOOK some of the patrons? What does that meeeeaaan?

Editing is my life.

Xavier Onassis said...

faith - I think it means exactly what you think it means. He just grabbed a couple of them patrons, bent them over one of those gingham covered tables, and "took 'em"!

That's just how he rolls!