Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blogger Meat Up Review

I just love these things. It's always so nice to see everyone. I am making this post while giving a 2nd listen to the Poncho Sanchez "Do It!" CD that Lee Ingalls traded me for my 75th St Brew Jam "9 Years Under The Covers" CD. You rawk Lee! Thanks!

This isn't from the CD. This is even better. This is Poncho Sanchez with Tito Fuente.


Charlie Hoopers was nice. It is a sentimental favorite for me. I used to live at 65th and Oak and Charlie Hooper's is where I went to mourn (i.e. throw back shots of bourbon until I told everyone in the bar how much "I love you guys" and then staggered home) the night John Lennon was shot. Mark David Chapman is an ass. He had a loaded gun and Yoko Ono was RIGHT FUCKING THERE and he didn't even try to hit the bitch.


But it was still REALLY LOUD! I would love to find a place where we can all converse at conversational tones and not have to yell over each other and ambient bar noise for hours on end. That just wears me out.

But that's because I'm really fucking old. Maybe we should see if we can have the next event on the shuffle board court at John Knox Village. Maybe THAT would be more to my fucking liking.

Anyway, I enjoyed seeing all of the regulars again and meeting the newbies.

REALLY sorry I missed out on the chick-kissing-pseudo-lesbian action because I live for that shit.

Oh, and for all of you who got something from the NASA Grab Bag, if you post a picture of it on your blog and email me to let me know it's there, I will leave a comment and give you the history of the item.

Faith's Fiance got one of the Grand Prizes. You just can't go wrong with a Senator John Glenn Action Figure.

For those of you who didn't get anything, look me up at the next Blog Meat. I'll invite you to close your eyes and reach into my Magic Bag, because I got sumthin' for ya!

Heh heh heh.


karen said...

I didn't get a chance to meet you the other night but I've noticed you're from Liberty. Yeah, same here. I'll be checking out the other bloggers who weren't at my table next time, because even though I come off as a loud mouthed bitch on my website, I'm actually a weenie at heart.

I agree, great bar/bad acoustics. Maybe us old folks should sit at the same table.

KC Sponge said...

Hey XO - just to clear things up, there was no kissing - even though Erin kept trying (silly lesbian =) and I am very upset that I didn't get anything from the grab bag - especially jealous that I didnt get the John Glenn Power Pack - but I did get some things pawned off on me. Emaw gave me his patch - but made me promise to wear it attached to some peice of clothing to the next meetup. If you have any articles you would like to donate for this venture, I would totally appreciate it. They said I walked in just as you walked out . . . it's too bad.