Friday, September 28, 2007

Blatant and unapologetic self promotion

I don't run ads on this site. Because I think that is a sign of taking yourself and your hit counter WAY too seriously. It's just not worth annoying everyone who visits your site just to get a check for 38 cents every six months.

But I'm willing to make an exception.


Saturday and Sunday!

I got bedroom furniture!

I got dining room furniture!

I got Star Trek Collectibles!

I got real NASA artifact/publication/video/mission patch stuff.

I got household items.

I got clothes.

I got books! In fact, I have all the greatest books of Western Civilization. All of them! Fitty bucks!

I got electronics!

I got python skin cowboy boots and a big ass hat.

I got Darth Tater.

I got people skills!

I got milk.

Anybody who buys anything worth $50.00 or more gets a big, wet, sloppy, passionate kiss. FREE!

Come on by, introduce yourself, meet XO and buy some of my stuff. I'll even offer to autograph the back of any checks you write. I'm just generous that way.

Because in 2 weeks, there will be a similar self promoting post inviting you all to come help me move all of the shit that you wouldn't buy.

I'll have limited access to blogger (but increased access to my garage) in the next few days.



Spyder said...

"Anybody who buys anything worth $50.00 or more gets a big, wet, sloppy, passionate kiss. FREE!"

You better hope only women show up! Cuz you going to be able to put "passion" in it when emaw, the D, Dan, Nightmare... show up? Shit I'd show up just to watch that!

Actually, I'm going to try to come by Saturday afternoon.

Xavier Onassis said...

spyder - I don't think that will be a problem. I can't see those cheap bastards spending more than $50.00. LOL!

See you this afternoon.

Kristine said...

Come on, guys! Show up and bring the lettuce! I'm bringing my video camera.