Saturday, September 29, 2007

A potpourri

In other words, I got no particular theme here.

It was a good day for the garage sale. Nice weather, reasonable turnout considering my secluded location.

The set of bedroom furniture went pretty quick. That was half of the day's revenue. Surprisingly enough, the majority of the second half was generated by NASA memorabilia.

Who knew? We'll give it another go tomorrow.

The Athiest Homeschooler has a great take on the brain-eating amoeba that has killed 6 people so far this year and killed 23 between 1995 and 2004.

"Christians, especially fundamentalist and evangelical types are particularly resistant to this amoeba as they do not have sufficient grey matter to sustain the amoebas. Fanatical Muslims and other extreme religious people also show shocking resistance to this microscopic brain sucker."

This guy

is as safe as can be. Anyone who can spew such right-wing, evangalical venom while posting the gayest picture of Ronald Regan I've ever seen

is completely devoid of even the tiniest trace of neural DNA.

Thanks to Faith for this clip of violent giraffes boxing each other in the junk.

Thanks to Dan at Gone Mild for this moving proof that at least one Republican has a functioning brain, a troubled conscience, and a human heart.

I would LOVE to see Dick Cheney give a speech like that.

Spyder is calling the next blogger/lurker meat-up for Thursday, October 4th at CHARLIE HOOPER'S. Everyone but Tony will be there.

According to emaw, the University of Texas Longhorns are a bunch of pussy's. He didn't come right out and say so, but...

TKC once again proves that he's a rascist who hates white people by refusing to include a link to my garage sale in his post about weekend activities. I encourage all white bloggers to boycott TKC until he stops making inflammatory posts about race and politics, "get's his head right", and starts including estate sales, wedding and birthday announcements, and stealth proposals in his little "round ups". Because THAT is what blogging is all about!

Okay, I'm done. The long day and the Chinese food are kicking in and I'm about ready for bed.

Time to go.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Dick Cheney will ever give a speech like that.

Wonder what really changed his mind?

Tony said...

I have to do better. I admit that my garage sale news scouring abilities have been slipping.

crse said...

Nice posse!!! Everytime i see the phrase "atheist homeschooler" i have a little bit more faith in humanity's future. (although im not a strict "rationalist" in ref to your bill maher clip). I agree with the paintman. Dickwad cheney will never give that speech. Congrats on the garage sale!

Poodles said...

AND don't forget, Jeebus hates boobies!

KC Sponge said...

Wow, XO, you're a stud. . .

Wish my life wasn't so crazy right now - would've swiped all the booty from the bitches!!

Maybe I'll see you tonight!?