Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Really Suck At This

There are some blogs that I have been visiting regularly that I have not shared with you.

I have updated by blogroll to include those links and want to share them with you now.

Thanks to Janet for leading by example.

American Hell and Irish KC go together because they are authored (bloggered? hosted? created? what is the proper nomenclature?) by the same guy. His name is Eolaí gan Fhéile and no, I don't know how to pronounce his name even though he explains it here. An incredible artist with an encyclopedic knowledge of Irish culture (because he's Irish?) and a heart that spans continents. He recently left KC to and returned to Dublin. Much to our loss. Check him out.

Athiest Home Schooler by Fiery.
Someone has to homeschool those free thinkers who will eventually go to battle against those narrow minded, right-wing, homeschooled idiots. She rawks! She is the door-to-door fundy's worst nightmare. She will invite them in, offer them milk and cookies and send them running home in tears!

I make it a rule to do whatever an Italian suit-wearing chimpanzee packing serious heat tells me to do. You should too. He had me at "I kiss like I already came".

The D Rules
Okay. I hadn't really planned on posting The D. But I should have.

He wasn't on my list. But he should have been. I've been meaning to give more attention and I pledge, here and now, to begin doing so.

Go to any comment section on any blog and THERE HE IS! LOL!

I like this guy. You will too.

Erin in the real that all there is?
That's Erin on the right. She's the hottest pickle in KC! Seriously!

If I were 30 years younger...I'd be a stupid stoner and she'd (rightly) have nothing to do with me. But that's beside the point.

How many bloggers do you know who haiku?

"We are broken up
But your friends keep emailing.
Am I that awesome?

Erin is way cool.

Jay Bird's Kansas City
He's on a break right now, but I check him everyday anyway. Just in case. I just like this guy.

Mushroom Cloud in the Midwest
tec is very cool! I'm not a Live Journal afficianado so I have trouble finding and linking to specific photos and posts. They do things different over there at LJ. But she loves her boys, her partner and her new house and she looks great in a red dress.

My Town, My Take
This is another of Mark Forsythe's blogs. He is someone who really cares about Kansas City. He even ran for city council. He is very well informed and has a lot of great ideas. I like this guy. I wish I cared as much as he does.


"The D" said...


Thanks for the props dude!

Hey I'm on top of my pal Erin. Did you plan it that way?

No, wait I didn't mean it like that UN-SEND!!!! UN-SEND!!!!

thepaintman said...

Hey Mark Forsythe Banned me from his blog. What a hoot.

Eolaí gan Fhéile said...

Look how slow I am to say thanks - can I blame it on the time difference?

The recuperation following the big move and the traveling around is now over. No excuses as I attempt re-inject life into both sites - and start reading everyone else's again. Only now you've given me even more.

That'll work - cheers

Janet said...

Ooooooo, I've got a new blog to read! Thanks for showing me the way to Fiery! (The rest of you, I got already!)

Erin said...

Thanks XO! Glad you dig the haiku's.
You just made my Monday!

Kristine said...

Thanks for the link explaining Eolai's name - I'm off to follow it. Why was I introduced to him as "Liam??" And D, you be nice on top of Erin. She IS our hottest (and cutest) little pickle. :)

"The D" said...

Kristine! I'm always nice.