Monday, September 24, 2007

I Really REALLY Suck At This - Part II

I left some very important people out of my last post!


Very cool lady! Plus, she told me I don't look old and fat (which is a huge lie) so she will have a place on my blogroll forever.

I'm not sure how to describe this guy. I hope he doesn't take this the wrong way...but he kind of reminds me of the good things about TKC, but without the ego, attitude and NSFW softcore porn. He also has more of a local news media POV since he actually is a part of the local media. Not just a wannabe. Good stuff!

This guy stays up all night long monitoring a bank of electronics that would give NASA a woody. Not surprising that he often get's the scoop on the Local News Meat Puppets. He is also a meteorologist whose forcasts are as good or better than anything you will see on TV. Check this guy first thing in the morning to see what happened while you slept and what you can expect while at work.

He's like your personal Magic 8 Ball.

Law School Bound!
She's (incredibly) hot, she's (astoundingly) smart and she collects great pick up lines,

"Wow, is that shirt new? It's very becoming on you.

But if I were on you, I'd be coming, too."


Spyder said...

Yup! I've enjoyed reading & meeting both of these ladies.

Capt. Geoffrey Spaulding said...

Good GOD XO- u expect me to live up to all that shit? lmao

Thanx chief- catch u the $20 next time we hook up.....


Kristine said...

Good Lord that picture scared me. Ha! Thanks, man. And for some reason I'm reallly in the mood for a blog meetup. ;) We should have TWO in October. Halloween Party AND we should go haunted housing!

Keith Sader said...

The best thing about FileGirl is that her blog is considered porn on all the filters in the city!

KC Sponge said...

Thanks, XO!! And I know I'm a douche for not calling at the end of last week . . . it was a crazy time for me. I'm sorry I missed out on all the goodies. =( Hope everything went well for you - hope you got rid of a bunch of stuff.

And Kristine - NOT going haunted housing . . . I always end up crying in the first room and making up a story about being pregnant to get my money back.

Kristine said...

Seriously, Sponge? HAHA. Well, it'd be worth the cost of my ticket to see you do that. I mean... you poor thing... it'll be fun! ;)

Xavier Onassis said...

Kristine - Ixnay on the haunted houses for me too. Not because I don't like them. But because of the lines. I wouldn't stand in line for 3 hours to get a blow job from Angeline Jolie.

OK, yes I would.

But not for a haunted house.

sponge - you are NOT a douche and you didn't miss out on anything because I am the Prince of Procrastination. New target date for the garage sale is NEXT weekend. You can still have pick of the litter if you want.