Sunday, September 09, 2007

That Sonofabitch

Police Believe Remains Of Porter Children Found

How does someone kill and bury their own flesh and blood, their own children, just because they are pissed off at their ex-wife?

Is it the same mentality that allows a husband and father to sit by and do nothing while his child and wife die just to test his own faith in God?


Maybe "V" was right. Maybe the Yucatan asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs and gave the nascient mammals room to rise was a huge fucking mistake.

Maybe the planet would have faired better under the rule of intelligent reptiles.

I am so sick of my own species and the depths of stupidity and cruelty to which we can descend.

The way we repeatedly and gleefully belly-flop into the pool of willfull gullibility is embarassing.

It's as though we regret having evolved in the first place and are striving to return to "the simple life".

I just don't get it.


SmedRock said...

Well said. I hope they let his sorry ass in to general population. I will buy a years worth of smokes to the first Bubba that rapes his ass daily for 6 months.

Stinkbait Boucher said...

I'm sort of out of the loop (this story does not have national or international attention as it apparently does not deal with a missing blond coed).

I can appreciate this fragment and will do so at my own peril:

"The way we repeatedly and gleefully belly-flop into the pool of willful gullibility is embarrassing."

Well played.

Xavier Onassis said...

stink - I thank you, sir. High Praise indeed, coming from the Master of the Well Crafted Sentence. I'm not worthy. I am flattered and humbled.

I wish this case DID have a higher profile.

I wish the (alledged) arrogant fuck who (alledgedly) killed and (alledgedly) buried his own (alledgedly) children,was sentenced to be drawn up by his nuts and hung while being 'biblacally known" by some local Evangelicals approaching an (alledgedly) less travelled entrance to his "eternal soul".

But, that's just me, I suppose,

scooterj said...

If those are proven to be his kids, he'll be subjected to continous beatings in prison and likely not last another year.

Webmiztris said...

mr. faith should go to jail for a long time. that's practically murder if you ask me.

travel said...

At least Porter is in prison...they had the presence of mind to arrest and convict him on kidnapping charges even in the absence of bodies.

On the other hand, The Caleb Horner guy, in the presence of two dead bodies, not only walks free but continues to be a paid police officer.

crse said...

Ok this is the kind of shit that makes me echo your sentiments. I really think rampant denial is the only thing that keeps me from throwing myself in front of a train out of sheer hopelessness...