Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cheney: Iran will not get nuclear weapon

I don't know how to tell you this Sparky, but what other sovereign nations will or won't do ain't up to you, for several reasons.

Reason #1: You are the VICE President of The United States of America; not the ACTUAL President of United States of America. Your job is to preside over The Senate, cast tie-breaking votes, attend the funerals of foreign dignitaries and inquire daily as to the health of The President. So shut the fuck up.

Reason #2: Through your evil, Rasputin-like influence over our gullible Charley McCarthey-like President, you have over-extended the American military to a dangerously thin level while denying and abdicating any responsibility or accountability to anyone. Everything you have done is illegal, immoral, unconstitutional, counter to the best interests of the United States and the world at large, and you will be held accountable.

Reason #3: The U.S was the first nation to create nuclear weapons. We were the first AND ONLY nation to use nuclear weapons to target and kill CIVILIANS. Not military targets. Civilians. Why did we target civilians? Because we wanted to terrorize the Japanese population to such an extent that the government would surrender. Being the first and only nuclear terrorists, we loose any moral authority to lecture other countries on what they can and cannot do. So again, shut the fuck up.


Ropheka said...

Nice Blog :)

Shicho said...

Let's help others step up to the plate - it seems Congress needs a hand.

emawkc said...

"Oh Kate. Now who's being naive?"

Shicho said...

i don't mind carping - in fact, i enjoy it.

but i also feel i have an obligation to act.

others don't - they just complain.

way of the world, you know?

Poodles said...

I bet Cheney likes to be tied up and spanked.

The guy has issues.

Shicho said...

poodles -

you just THINK Cheney wouldlike that because YOU like the *ahem* other side of Anne Rice...

; ' )

Poodles said...

Shicho... Maybe....

thepaintman said...

the thing is if Iran does get the nuclear weapon:

Right now Iran is testing missles to shoot from a container ship above 100 miles and to explode at a certain country. Once they do get nuclear capability. They will use a nuclear bomb insert it in a missle smuggle on a container ship.
Once the ship is 80 miles from the USA they will shoot the nuclear warhead (the missle) 100 miles above the USA. It has to explode 100 miles above the country to have a great effect of burning all electrical wires or electronics.
This will put America back in the 19th century.

If you don't believe this just write in EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) in search.

This is why USA and Russia won't do nuclear bomb testing above ground anymore.

Xavier Onassis said...

paintman - Yes, yes, yes, I know all about EMPs. So does my 13 year old daughter. Thank you for the Middle School "Earth Sciences" lesson.

When you get to the chapter on superstrings, D Branes amd M Theory, email me. Then we'll have something interesting to talk about.

I'm not arguing that Iran SHOULD have nuclear weapons. I'm just saying that it is arrogantly hypocritical for the first country to develop nuclear weapons and actually use them against a civilian population (in a MUCH MORE hideous manner than just shutting down their electrical grid) to pompously stand up and say "It's OK for us to have them AND use them, but we won't let you have them because you MIGHT use them."

Besides being pompous, arrogant and hypocritical, it is blatant bullshit and the whole world knows it. WE CAN'T STOP THEM!

We've never been able to stop anyone from getting nukes once they achieved the requisite level of technology.

In the 50's, at the height of the Cold War, we sure as fuck didn't want the Godless Communists in the Soviet Union and Red China to get nuclear weapons, but they did. We couldn't stop them.

We didn't think India should have them. We tried to stop them. But they've got about a hundred of them.

We didn't think Pakistan should have them. We tried to stop them. But they've got about a eighty of them.

North Korea! If there is any fucktard country on the planet with absolutely nothing to lose, a loose grip on reality and a hair trigger, it's North Korea. We tried like hell to keep N. Korea from getting nukes. But not only did they get them, they even invited everyone over to take a look at them! They didn't want there to be any doubt. They probably have around 10 by now.

My point is, it is just total rhetorical hyperbole for Cheney, Bush or anyone else to stand up there and act like The United States can actually pregvent another country from doing what they want to do.

We do not rule the world!

Other sovereign nations are going to pursue their own interests and we cannot forcibly stop them.

We can, however, pursue DIPLOMACY. That means convincing them that it is not in their best interest to EMP us. Why? Because if we have no modern infrastructure, we can't refine OIL. If we can't refine oil, we won't be buying any oil. We will be importing horsies and buggies. Iran doesn't export horsies and buggies do they? No.

Going back to your Middle School classes on physics, here is a Middle School class on socialogy.

If you are a big bully who threatens everyone with violence if they don't do what you want, they will eventually gang up and kick your ass.

If you are a truly kind and helpful leader (not a hypocritical, backstabbing, fair-weather friend pursuing your own agenda at all costs while putting on the outward APPEARANCE of a kind and helpful person), if you are altruistic, generous and lead by example and guide through wisdom rather than coercion and propeganda, then people will flock to you.

That, my friend, is the difference between true leadership and what we have had to tolerate for the last 7 years.

Shicho said...

Thank you for the Middle School "Earth Sciences" lesson..."

oh fuck - that was GREAT!!!!!

also, nice rant last half of your comment.

may i add some more reality? simple geography disallows us to further extend our troop train (see ANY war college classroom material or your 8th week of boot camp) - e.g, the troops we got b in Iraq, should we desire they b in Iran, those BlackWater jackasses who are currently safeguarding our rear would be so overextended that we would be cut off and, effectively, have to make a stand like they did in The 300 (don't care if homo or not).

or do the unthinkable.

and, despite shooting his best friends, Dick "My Goddamned Daughter is Gay, So Fucking What?" Cheney is NOT the loose cannon in this administration - he just plays one on the TV...

"So does my 13 year old daughter."

Stop - I'm dying here!

Stinkbait Boucher said...

Okay. I was sort of ready to engage on Paintman's thoughtful thread but then you, Xavier, took my comeback.

Now I've got nothing...

So - this is just me saying "Right on Funk Soul Brother" as usual.

You've got your finger dead on the pulse!

Well played sir.

emawkc said...

I for one think Iran SHOULD have nookuler weapons. I can't think of a better world than if every despot regime got the nooks. That's why I'm voting for the Clintons next year. They have a proven track record of exporting our nookuler technology.