Sunday, October 21, 2007

Insertion complete! Was it good for you?

I sold the last of my dining room furniture, moved the gas grill to the patio, shoved everything else against the walls and got my jeep into my garage!

My move is now COMPLETE!!

I'm so fucking happy!

My dining room table and chairs were adopted out to a good home.

Heather from General Blather graciously agreed to put them to good use hosting her family's Thanksgiving dinner. Her way-cool brother supplied some much appreciated muscle.

Transportation was supplied by Spyder cautiously driving her hubby's pick-'em up truck. For her efforts she received some gas money, a 30 year old, avocado green, electric fondue pot with a full set of matching fondue forks, compliments on her hair and a sincere hug of thanks.

DISCLAIMER: No bungholes were harmed during this transaction.


Spyder said...

You didn't waste anytime getting the jeep in!

Ahhh the age explains the color!

travelingal said...

I bet your desk at work is cleaned off every night you leave work, your shirts are never wrinkled, not even t-shirts, and not a hair is out of place (I know I got the last one right).

Nice move.

travelingal said...

To use nuclear weapons on innocent civilians would be almost unthinkable. Except for Harry Truman, and Iran. Got your emergency kit ready?

travelingal said...

sorry, I posted my last gem to the wrong friggin post. Ohhh well..hopefully you get my point.

KC Sponge said...

No anal rapage leads to good memories of the table for years to come.