Monday, November 05, 2007

Fall Forward, Spring Back!

OK, I know that Daylight Savings Time or our clock settings don't change the available hours of sunlight and darkness.

Days (available sunlight) are longer in the summer and shorter in the winter due to the approximately 23 degree tilt of our axis of rotation to our plane of orbit around the sun.

I get that.

But the way we distribute that daylight around the clock face is completely ass backward.

To take already long, hot, summer days and make them even longer (I know...stick with me here), makes zero sense.

During the peak of summer, under Daylight Savings Time, it doesn't get dark till 9:30 at night.

Now that we have repealed Daylight Savings Time in preparation for winter, it gets dark by 5:30 in the evening.

That is FUCKED UP! A four hour differential? That's ridiculous! We may have a 23 degree tilt, but we are still in a roughly circular orbit!

We ain't Pluto!

I say we should have Daylight Savings Time in the Fall/Winter and have "normal time" during the Spring/Summer.

Following this logic, during the peak of summer the blazing, blow-torch-like, humidity filled heat would start to subside by 8:30 instead of 9:30.

During the freezing winter, the sun-lit, naturally heated daytime would extend till 6:30 instead of the ridonkulous and depressing 5:30.

Balance the differences instead of making them more extreme.

How does the current system of making summer and winter experiences more extreme via clock/calendar management make any sense?

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Fiery said...


I HATE the fall time change it's absolutely fucked up and stupid. And Summer heat shits me as well.