Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hi Baha'i

This is the Baha'i Faith Center at Independence Avenue and Fuller. I drive by this place everyday on my way back and forth to work.

I always thought it was some Jewish Charity organization.

Apparently, I was confusing it with B'nai B'rith.

Fucking apostrophes! They always confuse me!

Stupid white guy! STOOPID! STOOPID! STOOPID!

Apparently, they aren't even closely related. Baha'i is some sort of recent Iranian based faith.

Not even a little bit Jewish.

I googled it and read a little bit but, like with most religions, I quickly lost interest and started surfing for porn.

But the point is, even though I drive by this place everyday, it took a critical mass of interest to build up before I even cared enough to remember to google it when I got home.

When was the last time you found yourself in such a fucking hurry to get information about the Baha'i faith that not only could you not wait until you got home, you couldn't even take the time to park and go inside?

No! You needed your Baha'i information NOW! TO GO!




Erin said...

Love it. So funny. lllllove it!

Xavier Onassis said...

You just liked the Ben Stiller pic! LOL!

Stinkbait Boucher said...

I recently had a similar - although entirely dissimilar - experience.

There's a new little Mexican place that I've driven by for weeks. I've often entertained the notion of popping in for lunch one day but the time was never right.

The other day we all wanted something new and, genius that I am, I proposed the cute little Mexican place on 47th where none of us had eaten previously.

As it turns out, the cute little Mexican place is actually a cozy little Afghan place with more goat dishes than I'd ever seen on a lunch menu before.

I was so very popular with the guys that day.

"You going to finish your goat amigo?"

"Shut the fuck up dumbass. You don't get to pick anymore."

KC Sponge said...

That's why I love my new phone.

Not only could I tell you what the place was, I could give you the current weather of the leader's ancestors in 2.3 seconds flat.

ahh, technology.

Ambitious Fledgling said...

ROFL I actually have drove by and wondered too. Think people actually drive through the drive through? I'm totally going to get drunk some day and go through it. Of course... not driving.. lol =)

Hilarious post though!

satyavati said...

eHaving, as usual, entirely sidestepped the humour.... you know I have no sense of humour..

the Baha'is are actually a pretty cool group.

Somewhere here I have a copy of one of their prayer books that was given to me by a member long ago.

The language is very flowery and has a middle eastern baroque kind of feel to it. I thought it was nice and poetic.

They make people nervous because they talk about unity and peace between all people, which, as you know from the Christian front, is surely the mark of Satan.

Anyway, their big holy places are in Haifa (Israel). They don't have any real conflicts with other religions and sort of see themselves as the 'next step' and more of a continuation from previous revelations.

They're nice people.

satyavati said...
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Happy In Bag said...

Last night I had a dream related to this post.

I've warned you to stay out of my bedroom, XO!