Saturday, November 24, 2007

Personal Rapid Transit

Forget about "light rail".

Shit, we had regional light rail in the 20's and 30's. It was called the Inter Urban.

Light rail is a step backwards. By damn near a century!

If Kansas City really wants to move into the 21st century, Personal Rapid Transit is the way to go. It combines all of the best elements of our car culture with the efficiencies of mass transit.

Until The Gummint releases all of that alien technology at Area 51 and starts handing out the Jet Packs

(without the apparent ass-searing and dry-cleaning side effects)

and Flying Cars

we've been promised for the past 70 fucking years, PRT is the most futuristic and efficient form of transportation at our disposal.

But the very best thing about PRT is that Clay Chastain is not involved in any way, shape or form.



meesha.v said...

It's unbelievable how people are trying to push and/or vote for something they have no clue about. This is not the first time of course. The only way real public transportation can work if it is a network that covers the whole (or most of)metro area so a person not only can travel from point A to point B,but also to points C,D,E and F at will,with minimal wait time. Whatever the mode of transportation is chosen it should travel at scheduled periods of time, so if you miss one bus/car/whatever you will not have to spend the night downtown or have someone pick you up. Light rail is not cost effective and idiotic investment that can be only sold to morons. Although the same people voted for riverboats under pretense of cruising up and down dirty river. Clay Chastain should be billed for all the expenses he caused to this city and banned from ever coming here or even calling are codes 816 and 913.I lived in a city with public transportation half of my life, never had a car and could travel throughout the whole city any time I wanted. So I know what I am talking about and I am a better expert than Clay will ever be because I used public transportation not just hallucinated about it.

Anonymous said...

I like your idea