Tuesday, January 08, 2008


For days now, my internet access has been as slow as a turtle in a bowl of molasses.

I just downloaded $60 worth of software that I couldn't afford in an attempt to solve any problems on my end.

No help.

I finally called Comcrap to have them diagnose the problem.

The tech determined that my new cul de sac neighbors have been glomming off my wireless internet network and sucking up my bandwidth like Mark Mangino at an all you can eat buffet.

I cut the bastards off per the tech's instructions and I am now back to my greased lightning, Dell XPS Super Computer, Uber Geek performance!



meesha.v said...

If you talked to real tech support he would've explained how to crash the perp's PC or at least plant a virus or something. Vengeance!

mainstream said...

You gotta Dell XPS? Nice.

The perp sounds close, and they/he/she/it don't realize XO can recharge his cell phone by simply rubbing it on his mustache.

Time to kick ass.

Spyder said...

Kick ass & take house numbers!

Heather said...

Or you can just light bags of dog poop on their doorstep, ring the bell, and run away.

Heather said...

I can give you dog poop if you need some.

SmedRock said...

ALWAYS lock down your wireless routers people! And yes I suffer from XPS envy. Go with Heather and get a nice bag'o'poop and some matches...

Hopefully the free loader did not do anything illegal on your account.

Fate said...

Thou shalt secure thy wireless network.

Tho, you can also have some fun:

Open wireless networks are just that - open - anyone can use them. Like having a sidewalk without a gate.

Fate said...

Gah, trying that link again

How to mess with people stealing your wireless

Nuke said...

I once had a vendor visit my office for a week, but we were not allowed to have him connect to our network.

So to get VPN access to his company he backdoored a local wifi connection.

A survey of my building showed that depending on where you sat your PC and how good the wireless NIC was that there were 8 secured wireless networks broadcasting, and 14 unsecured.

Glad you got yours locked down man, cuz nobody rides for ree!

travelingal said...

SOAB..I wonder if that's what's happening to me when my computer is jacked up irregularly. I just checked and it's unsecured. I'm with a po-dunk provider tho and don't know if it's possible to secure it but I'm on the phone today!

logtar said...

Secure your wireless, or give me your address so I can do some browsing of your network :)

A good thing to do is to go to DSLReports.com and run a speed test. That way you will know if you are getting good speed through your provider.

BTW I added features to my wordpress so you can now subscribe to comments if you please.