Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What If?

What if the Democratic and Republican primary races are so fragmented that there is no clear winner on either side and the Democratic and Republican National Conventions actually mean something...like they used to.

How cool would that be?


Stinkbait Boucher said...

You're suggesting that the parties might actually let that happen.

I've lost faith and am pretty confident that the powers-that-be would rather sacrifice one of the candidates before letting the public-facing bits of their farce actually matter or count for something.

Doc said...

the republicans would lash huckabee to his own cross, kneecap cross-dressing rudy and have romney rode out of town on a greased secod or third wife before they let them interfer with mccain's conranation.

the dems, on the other hand, believe in the normal blood-letting that is the demcratic process: one can expect a full fledged brawl between She Who Would Be Queen and The Kid....should be fun.

travelingal said...

Ya know, I wish it was that way too XO. This business of basically letting a few states who hold early primaries decide for the rest of us who our candidates will be kinda pisses me off.

It crosses my mind that on the Republican side there could be a real problem if McCain surges, the rest of the pack virtually drops out due to lack of money or support, and then something like a health issue happens to McCain right before convention time. That's probably far fetched but not impossible.

Shane said...

I hope you are right. It means that the people will have been brought back into the fray of politics.