Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Well, shit!

I picked this up from poodles (gee, that doesn't sound good, now does it?)

How evil are you?

It's a damned lie! I am one evil sonofabitch! I OOZE evil. I'm so evil I pronounce it eeeveeel.

Whenever I'm around dogs they bark and snarl and my mere presence makes little tiny babies cry and shit themselves.

Because I'm eeeeveeeeel!

I'm so evil I have a rash on my ball sack that says "666". I'm the Anti-Christ!

In much the same way that Garth Brooks is the Anti-Hank.

I'm a godless, baby-eatin' Satanist! I'm eeeeveeeeel!

Ya gotta believe me!

Stupid fucking blog-poll thingies.


Heather said...

I always knew you were a softy.

I rated more evil than you.

Xavier Onassis said...

I'm NOT a softy!

I'm EEEEEveeel!


Spyder said...

You got fleas from poodles?

Xavier Onassis said...


What happens in Utah stays in Utah!

Because I'm Eeeeveeeel!!!

Poodles said...

Hey I don't got fleas!!! Crabs maybe, but no fleas!!! :) Sorry you couldn't out-evil a poodle... :D (must have been those fetuses I aborted and ate during my college years)

SmedRock said...

Does XO need a hug?