Thursday, February 21, 2008

Early Cable

It was the early 80's.

I had just married my first wife. We had a hipster little apartment on 36th St. between Main and Broadway.

We had cable!

There was MTV.

There was Movies.

That was about it. Just these two rock videos and these two movies over, and over and over again!

It was like when we first got UHF channels and KSHB 41 was the only show in town.

We got "Love, American Style" reruns 24/7!

And Uncle Ed Muscari.

It kinda sucked.


Midtown Miscreant said...

Didnt Uncle Ed end up going to California and getting popped for showing his hand puppet to some kids.
Im still chewing on the hipster comment, I live between main and broadway not far from 36th.Does that make me a hipster by proxy?
I dont feel hip.

Le Grand Lapin said...

Early cable was great! You could watch "Rio Bravo" twenty-four hours a day. I still miss the station sign-offs from the old pre-cable days, though. National anthem on most stations, flags and F-101s flying. Then silence. The quiet was nice, but the nights were pretty long.

DLC said...

Our family didn't have cable, but there were a couple years in the early 80's when we could get Showtime by turning the TV to channel 15. Yeah, I know it's supposed to be "cable" and I still don't know how that was possible.

emawkc said...

That song by Men At Work is my ringtone for unidentified callers (for realz).

Also, I love After Hours. Great movie.

Keri Oki said...

My favorite part was the 30 minute introduction to all HBO movies -- the zoom around the neighborhood that shot out into space and then introduced the movie! I get a tear just thinking about it.

Xavier Onassis said...

MM - I can't remember where it was, but yes indeed, Uncle Ed did get popped. Creepy.

le grand - and the famous Test Pattern.

dlc - were you also listening to WHB on your fillings?

emaw - brilliant ring tone usage. Wish I'd thought of that. The thing I loved about After Hours was that I've had many nights that if they had just been a tiny bit stranger could easily have spiraled into something like that. Same thing with Blue Velvet.

keri - Hah! I'd forgotten about the extra long lead ins!

Joe said...

One sign of being a middle aged to old fart is knowing that MTV actually used to play viedos all day and night. Bonus old fart points if you had a crush on Martha Quinn.