Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Kansas City Primer

As I posted on Tuesday, there's a new blogger coming to town.

She's been doing her research. One of her many inside sources had this advice regarding Kansas City BBQ.

"KCians take their barbecue seriously. There is a place downtown, Arthur Bryant’s I think, that is supposedly the cat’s meow for barbecue but for us civilized city folk it is disgusting. It is a tiny place that looks filthy on the outside and rest assured it is even grosser inside. Meet hangs on racks in what must be unsanitary conditions. A sandwich will be made in front of you: the cook(?) will grab 2 slices of Wonder, yes Wonder bread, and with a paintbrush apply enough sauce to guarantee the bread is soup by the time it is in your fingers. Large slabs of meat will then be applied.

A friend of mine, a 300 pound New Orleansian that would willingly eat the ass end of a menstruating skunk when hungry, went with me and was as scared for his intestinal track as I was."

O.K. Let's set this shit straight RIGHT NOW!

Of course the meat hangs on racks. What do you want them to do? Stack it on the floor like a cord of firewood? Hanging it on racks is VERY sanitary. The hickory smoke keeps the flies away.

Goddamn city folk.

As for it being "disgusting" inside, I got news for you. That ain't grease...that's "seasoning". That's ambiance. That's atmosphere. Bryant's is the best!

But if you are too much of a pussy to enjoy BBQ the way God intended, then I'll just send you to Gates. It's the second best BBQ in town.

But when you walk in that goddamn door you better know what the fuck you want because they start yelling "HI, MAY I HEP YOU?" as soon as they see your brake lights go on.

Don't you make them ask you twice!

Every other BBQ joint in town is tied for last place. The only people who think otherwise are from Johnson County, Ks. More on those fucktards later.

In preparation for her move, Keri is asking for the following input.

"Couple more favors to all the crooners out there in the KC area, as the Lounge is getting set up, and I continue to search for new and interesting ways to make my life complicated --

1. I'm hearing, and by hearing I mean reading a lot about KansasCity Soil as a great blog. Apparently I'm not invited to read it -- can anyone hook a sista up?

2. What 10 things should I know about KC before I land my sorry ass down there for good?

3. What 10 things should I not know about KC before I land my sorry ass down there for good?

4. What's the dating scene like?"

O.K. Let's address Kansas City Soil first. The blogger is Joe Miller.

At least he used to be a blogger. And an author of a book that won some award. I didn't read it. Sounded boring. Then he went to work for Mark Funkhouser's campaign.

After the election he became the Mayor's new Communication Director. Then he got demoted or something and nobody knows what the fuck he's doing at City Hall now. That's why he took his blog private. He's all hunkered down in the bowels of Orthanc like the rest of Saruman's Uruk Hai.

For more info, go to Tony's Kansas City, scroll down until you see the search bar and just type in "joe miller". They have a "history".

That leaves the 10 things you SHOULD know and the 10 things you SHOULDN'T know. And the dating thing.

In no particular order or priority...


1. The Chiefs suck, but the Royals suck more.

2. I-435 loops around the entire Metro area and straddles both states. You can get on it in Missouri going north, stay on it until you start going west, cross into Kansas and keep going until you are heading south, eventually turn back west, cross back into Missouri and be headed north again. Get used to it. If someone gives you directions that start with "get on I-435" that's not enough information.

3. If you find yourself donwtown or on the Plaaaaza, and some fat, waddling fucker in a baseball cap walks up and asks you for a "down payment on a cheese burger", kick that fucker in the junk as hard as you can. That's Jerry Mazer and he has been using that tired ass shit for the past 35 years. Rumor has it he isn't homeless, makes about $30k a year panhandling and once had the means and the audacity to sue the City for his (and others) right to beg on the streets for a living. And he won. One look at him and you can tell that he hasn't had any problem whatsoever finding cheeseburgers. Doubles. With bacon.

4. Best places to live are in a loft downtown, a cool, hipster neighborhood like Westport or Strawberry Hill, suburbs like Liberty, Blues Springs, Lee's Summit, North Kansas City.

5. Everything about Johnson County, KS sucks syphlitic donkey ass! It's full of pretentious, affluent, Republican, conservative, douche nozzles. Except for the people in Johnson County that I know and like. You know who you are.

6. People in Johnson County drive like fucking assholes! Doesn't matter if the roads are covered with an inch of ice and we are in white-out, antarctic blizzard conditions, these cock sucking door knobs will be hurling their 2 ton SUVs right up your ass at 80 mph. Because they don't give a fuck! That's why all of the "multi car pile ups" that the HWP blame on people "driving too fast for the road conditions" all occur in KANSAS. IDIOTS!

7. If you ever have children, move as far away from Kansas and Kansas City, Mo as you can. The Kansas schools don't teach evolution. They teach "Intelligent Design". Also known as "Blind Stupid Faith In Fairy Tales". Graduates from Kansas Schools are laughed at and made fun of by graduates from real schools. Anyone who graduates from a Kansas school will be lucky to get a job asking people "do you want fries with that?" The Kansas City, MO public schools are even worse. They don't teach anybody anything. Except shanking.

8. We have the worst fucking zoo. Seriously.

9. Brush Creek becomes Flush Creek after a heavy storm.

10. Knuckleheads Saloon is the best place to go for live music.

Actually, I think I may have combined some of the SHOULD and SHOULDN'T in the same list. Sometimes it's hard to separate the two.

But I need to go eat supper, so I will leave it to my blog-buddies to fill in the gaps.

What did I miss? Help our newest blogger out.


Spyder said...

I go to Gates often enough that they know when I come in I want fries & a diet coke.

Regarding #4 place to live: I have a friend who has an apt downtown & can't wait for his lease to be up. He thought it would be cool, hip all that crap. You want to live somewhere nice & quiet. You then drive & be obnoxious somewhere else. Like maybe the bar across the street from my friends apt. Got his new car keyed in that hip living spot. Raytown is nice & quiet( ask me or Heather about it)

Also, is The D's third ball a do or don't tell?

mainstream said...

Gates is always good, and Bryant's has been getting a lot of bad reviews the last few years.

What worries me is that she heard that Joe Miller's blog was cool. This blog (XO's) is cool.

WTF? Who is advising this chic????

Joe Miller is, ahh, a problem for KC and cannot take any criticism.

He's a class A wimp.

I hope keri you're reading this - Joe gets one negative post, just one, no cuss words or accusations, just criticism and the guy takes his blog private. One poster before that was lightly critical and he slaps on moderation.

The guy's a jerk. Mediocre writer and an an ahole.

Anyways, look forward to recommendations. If you're willing to keep your edge and have fun, you'll do great in KC.

Having fun is a function of who you are, not where you're at.

Just ask Joe. Don't get me started.

Oh! and btw, he's not worth bangin'.


Heather said...

X, you're quite the little one-man welcome wagon.

I like Gates, but it's not too far from my house. Just had some last night, in fact. Great beans.

The singles scene here sucks big tertiary syphilic Paris Hilton's rotten crotch. Did I make my opinion strong enough? In all the studies of singles action across the country, KC ranks the bottom of the list. Unless you are just looking to bang guys, then Westport is the place to be. But not after midnight. And certainly not by yourself. Pack industrial-strength condoms otherwise we'll be meeting on a more professional level.

As for Joe. I don't know Joe. However, I know Chimpotle (also a Joe). His blog is much better than KC Soil. Actually, any of the blogs in the KC Bloggers group is a good read.

Xavier Onassis said...

"The singles scene here sucks big tertiary syphilic Paris Hilton's rotten crotch."


I guess I had better luck than that.

When I was dating I met a lot of really cool women, most of whom are still my very best friends.

I'm lucky enough to have met a soul mate and we have been together for almost 4 years.

But I have also heard impartial feedback similar to Heather's.

I'm sure you will find your own way and blog about it for our edification.

Anonymous said...

HAHA @ XO being such a welcome wagon. And HAHA @ what stupidnoodle commented after the one you quoted.

"Being a guest contributor would be sweet. ...However, you might want to reconsider the request. It seems I have already upset some of the KC folks and given my low opinion of the place, rhymes with shmarmpit of the shmworld, I am bound to have the rest of them after me with pitchforks and torches. Here’s the thing about KCians: not only are they thin-skinned and thick-headed but they are also notoriously poor athletes – Go Royals! – but also fiercely loyal and melodramatic."

Niiice. Yeah, I'll love her blog if he's one of the writers.

Melinda said...

People, seriously - Arthur Bryant's and Gates? Have you kids not heard of Oklahoma Joe's? Yeah, fine, it's in KS, but it's in a GAS STATION at 47th and Mission. Talk about ambiance!! They give you tons of fries that have been seasoned with the meat rub, and the sauce is excellent - spicy and sweet all rolled into one. I don't want to hear any more about Gates and Bryant's being the best. It ain't so.

XO, you seem to really be digging this chick. I think your soul mate might start to get a little jealous, and I second Heather's nicely summed up stance on the dating scene. For guys, of course it's good - there are many more women than there are guys - and the women are intelligent and funny. The guys just care about how much money they make and hanging out with the other single guys down at the Bulldog, Willie's, or the Granfalloon. Superficial, they are. Nothing going on upstairs except a rat chewing on the cord that will eventually electrocute him.

Midtown Miscreant said...

BBQ is always to be served with white bread and pickle slices, its a law. Bryants is the shit that killed Elvis. (That means it is good).

Ive lived in KC proper my entire life, who the fuck is Joe Miller, his private blog sounds like a tween girls diary.

The bars in westport have machines in the restrooms that dispense condoms, disinfectant and roofies.

Whats a date?

SmedRock said...

Oh and I.D. was put to rest 2 years ago in KS, finally. Other than that, in most cases in JOCO we have no steel plates on the road, and our mayors do the job they were supposed to. Otherwise, yeah XO is right.

But he has fiber issues.

Well Hell Michelle said...

Ouch about the whole Joe Miller thing. Do you even know him? I've met him a few times and he seems like a pretty nice guy. And c'mon, it's not like Tony's view on anything is fair or balanced.

And Gates is alright, but Oklahoma Joe's is better, and my favorite is Rosedale's on Southwest Boulevard.

Keith Sader said...

Awesome XO,just awesome. Although I will have to say that Jack Stack(Martin City) is one of my faves for BBQ.

The single scene still sucks. I have a good friend who is 26 and he's hating it - of course not having a good wingman isn't helping him much either.

Yes one other thing to mention - stay the fuck away from the 'corporate' bars in town and head for the local dives!

emawkc said...

XO, you have a soul mate? I didn't realize it was possible for someone with no soul to have a soul mate? Hmmm.

Xavier Onassis said...

melinda - methinks you are reading far too much into my appreciation of a witty blog.

emaw - it's a figure of speech! You know, like bite me!

DLC said...

Nothing rallies the troops like an opinionated post about BBQ! I agree that Bryant's is the superb choice, but OK Joe's is much more consistent.

Doc said...

X.O. -

has it been less than a year since a) your divorce or, b) a disolution of a serious relationship? easy, man...

; ' )


as a long-time certfied bbq hog, er, judge who has specific rules by which to scarf, er, rate pork, chicken, ribs and sausage, and with literally hundreds of contests under my belt [to include the Royal and the Jack Daniel's International Invitational Barbecue Championship], what i can tell you is that good BBQ is a subject that is as subjective as religion: what works for me won't work for you.

having said that, imho:

Bryants - heyday was in the 60s, downhill since.

Gates - best combo sandwhiches in town; ribs are always dry and tough.

OK Joe's - meat is consistently cooked exactly right.

LC's - waaaaaay underrated. and ambiance, mmm-mmm!

Rosedale's - varies from good to great.

JackStacks - take the outta town guests.

Smokestack (on lower Wornell)- still the best beans in town.

Joe's Blog - don't know joe. read his blog. if you like running, it's a great blog.

Mid Mis - "BBQ is always to be served with white bread and pickle slices, its a law."

righton, righton, righton...

"What's a date?"

Kansas, in general -

It's quite nice where it's at - over there.
i'm still laughing...

Nuke said...

I'm with Keith, Jack Stack is good (and Martin city is their coolest location). Rosedale and Gates are both fine choices. I need to get to Bryant's and OK Joe's tho.

Dating in KC is either summed up by "desperation" or "apathy". Luckily I met somebody at work.

I thought KS was the only place hung up on ID and it got dropped again.

Parts of Raytown are good (not my GFs neighborhood). Blue Springs and Lees Summit are good, but a little pricier. And I advise if you live this far out, don't own a full size pickup.

As for the nightlife, I don't go out as much since my buddy who was in a Blues combo left town. I do think bars beat clubs hands down.

Nightmare said...

I'm So happy to see "Cock Sucking Door Knobs" in the mainstream! Thanks for keeping my dream alive X!

And lets not forget the all white and impressively crime free Gladstone for a groovy place to live!

Nightmare said...

OH and I like Knights on Independence for the BBQ as well. Not as good as my homemade and maybe this summer I'll show off my BBQ skills!

Now wait a sec, I'm getting a little spark of an idea...first annual Blogger BBQ cook off-drunk fest-camp out-orgy?


Well ok maybe not the orgy, I mean there is only so many people that can be exposed to my fat ass naked without running away and screaming! But a BBQ Challenge? I bet that would drag Tony's Ghey ass out of the basement.

Let me know what ya'll think.

Midtown Miscreant said...

forgive the double comment , major fo paw. Obviously Im partial to Midtown. Its a great place to live, unless you have, kids, money,or common sense. And my car has never been vandalized, it has however been stolen, broken into, and pissed on by a wino. A small price to pay for cheap rent and freak show atmosphere.

meesha.v said...

BBQ is like impressionist art. Even if people don't like it they are afraid to say so,scared of being laughed at by people "in the know".The truth is- Bryant's sucks,Gates tastes like crap and their trademark yelling is retarded. The best BBQ is at Danny Edward's now on Southwest Blvd, Jackstack is OK but overpriced, Rosedale is OK with no kick to it, but is not as expensive. Note that BBQ is an art of making crappy cuts of meat edible,but somehow they scammed everyone into thinking that it's OK to pay $8-10 for a sandwich.Good luck.

KC Sponge said...

The adult kids meal at Oklahoma Joe's . . .perfect amount of pulled pork (extra bubba sauce), not too many fries (I would eat 7 pounds of them if they gave them to me) and 3 pickle slices - topped off with a red creme soda. YUMMY!!! But Gates does have a good burnt end sandwich and Jack Stack's beans (with brisket simmered inside) are lick my fingers delish, and their beef burnt ends are scrumdeliumptious. Sorry to counter, Mr. X, but Arthur Bryants just doesn't do it for me.

Downtown is a hip place to live I think - and despite naysayers, I think will only get better - some okay priced rentals at The Library Lofts and Stuart Hall - or much more foofy digs at 909 Walnut (but great f-ing views). . . Waldo or Brookside are both good neighborhoods to live in for a single lady - there's always late night parties on every other block and people are pretty friendly. The Plaza is way overpriced for the shitty digs it offers - but east of the plaza around the Art Institute and museum there are some affordable and neat little apartments with hardwood floors and great views. KUMed area is run-down, but has cheap (relative to what, I'm not sure) housing and good entertainment nearby. Columbus Park or the River Market is where I would go. Anywhere downtown you will run into hipster, yuppy types - but you'll also get a great mix of lifestyles, interests and available activity. You're not in NYC or Chicago - so there won't be a party outside your doorstep everynight (or sirens for that matter), but there are many happening places here.
As for dating, I know people say its a sucky town to be in - but wherever I go, whenever I go, there are plenty of people making out for the world to see - maybe we're just a town with constant beer goggles? =) Skanky people abound - but so do interesting, smart, attractive, witty, and fun people. You just have to sort more here - it's like a great find at a thrift store . . . you stink as you leave, but that shirt is so worth the wait (and cheap, too - like so many of the Westport rats!! =)

I think Kansas City's biggest downfall is its low self esteem. Its like the pretty girl who thinks she's never good enough - and looks around to all these other broads to find out who she should be, ignoring all the qualities that make her a pretty cool chick.

We've got some pretty kick ass cemeteries as well.

I kinda like this place.

emawkc said...

"Skanky people abound - but so do interesting, smart, attractive, witty, and fun people. "

I'll take that as a compliment, Sponge. Thanks.

Faith said...

"What 10 things should I not know about KC...?"

Am I the only one that this makes no sense to? I for one would be hard pressed to tell anyone what they shouldn't know about a place they're planning to move to. You shouldn't know that downtown smells like coffee on certain days because of the Folgers plant? You shouldn't know that our city is laid out on a grid system which makes getting around really rather easy unless you're a bad driver? You shouldn't know that the Plaza is a great place to get some shopping done? I don't get it...

(Hey, she needs to know right off the bat who the bitch is in this blogger group, so I'll kick it off with that. :P)

Anyway, initial snark aside, KC is a pretty awesome place to live. Here are my top tips: I prefer Jack Stack and BB's Lawnside BBQ; it's hard to find good Thai food in this town; Johnson County is NOT THAT BAD dammit; I moved here in 2000 as a single girl, and just married my husband in October, so patience can be key when it comes to the dating scene (and having a blog to tell the bad date stories on makes it ohhh so much better - check my archives from 2004 & 2005 for some fun ones)...I met my Leo at the bar I'm a regular at.

Good luck with the move! You should ask XO for his help...I've heard he loves helping people move.

travel said...

After I moved here I cried for a couple of years. I was used to water..lakes, rivers that you can actually swim in, good black dirt that you don't have to chisel out to plant a posey, neighborhood bars with Friday nite fish fries and flea markets all over the place every weekend. Forget it if you think you'll find any of that anywhere in the greater KC area.

I ended up a hermit in far western Johnson County. It's tolerable, actually pretty in some places,deer roam through my yard and the schools are A+. The local meat market has the best steaks you'll find anywhere in the world and I don't have to look at a sea of tan and more tan, overrated and overpriced houses that all look alike in the rest of Johnson County.

Don't even think about moving here if you're single and into the dating scene.

Anonymous said...

It amuses me when people in the KC area say that the dating scene sucks or that there is nothing to do... and they live in JoCo or some other far-flung suburb. What do you expect? :)

emawkc said...


You have to keep in mind that most people who comment on blogs are totally nerdy and as such, undatable. So of course they think the dating scene sucks.

"The D" said...

DAMMIT!! Why do I always get in on the back end post like these.

But since everyone else had a comment I thought I'd join in.

I belive I can put this BBQ question to rest if you'd just go
here and read my answer to question number 2.

And if you can't get a date in this town then maybe its cause your ugly, or married, and then you shouldn't be dating.

I'm going to close the comments now and declare myself the winner of this debate...

Wait, this isn't my blog...dang.

Xavier Onassis said...

doc - Another BBQ place I forgot about is Smokin' Guns BBQ and Catering at 1218 Swift in NKC. I only ate there once, and it was good. But what I mostly remember is being damn near blinded by the sun reflecting off of all the trophy's and awards.

nightmare - thank YOU for the license to use "cock sucking door knobs"! I think I owe you a royalty beer. Also, thanks for the heads up about Knights BBQ. I drive by it twice a day and had never heard of it, so I was curious. But, like most places I pass, my first thought is "if they are any good, what the fuck are they doing on Independence Avenue?". And lastly, I LOVE the idea of the idea of the "first annual Blogger BBQ cook off-drunk fest-camp out-orgy". With the exception that I no longer "camp". Modern plumbing, climate control and a comfortable bed with lots of pillows are a show-stopping requirement for me. So if y'all could do your camping in a hotel parking lot, that would work out just great for me, thanks! However I am good with the orgy. Bring on the Bacchanalia!

meesha - anyone who doesn't like BBQ is a godless, baby-eatin', communist. IMHO.

sponge - "We've got some pretty kick ass cemeteries as well." There's a sentence that doesn't pop up very often! LOL! I like the way your mind works.

faith - "Johnson County is NOT THAT BAD dammit" Yuh huh!! Is so!! "You should ask XO for his help...I've heard he loves helping people move" Careful volunteering other people for stuff. Payback can be a real mofo. LOL!

travel - Soooo, are you still looking into that job with the Visitor's Bureau? Did they ever get back to you? You really, REALLY should come out to the next blog meet (2/27). Seriously. If you don't get out and socialize with us I'm going to start calling you Tony. And nobody wants that.

emaw - "You have to keep in mind that most people who comment on blogs are totally nerdy and as such, undatable. So of course they think the dating scene sucks." That's easy for a chain-smoking chimp with a supermodel wife (minus a thumb) to say.

meesha.v said...

Not only I love BBQ I own a smoker and several books on how to do it. But you got two out of three correct anyway.

Xavier Onassis said...

the D - Good God man, sometimes you just make this WAAYYY too easy!! I almost feel sorry for ya!

"Why do I always get in on the back end post like these."

OK, that alone was so tempting that me mind was reeling with possible responses.

But then I follow that link to Answer #2.

" can literally just hold the bone above your head and the meat will just slide off right into your mouth...with the sauce all over my face, and even in my hair (and on more than one occasion on my back.) It’s Awesome!"

Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket, man!!!

Did you not bother to go back and look at that before linking to it and think about what an asshole like me could do with raw material like that?

Jeez! What were you thinking? You know I can't help myself!

I feel like I owe you a drink now for making my job so easy.

"The D" said...

If you were entertained then I have accomplished my mission.

Anything beyond that is gravy.(MMMMM GRAVY) LOL!

Anytime I can be of service just let me know.

Xavier Onassis said...

the d - Thanks man! I'm still giggling like a school girl. Hope I didn't piss ya off. Seeing as how you are a Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine, right?) who runs marathons and I'm a flabby old man with "fiber issues".

"The D" said...

No worries mate!

Doc said...

X.O. -

you are SOOOO right: totally forgot the Guns - come down to the pits, er, bottoms, this fall and statse 'em at the Royal - good stuff!

the D -

if you pick up a rib and the meat falls off, that is one over-cooked rib; the meat is probably mushy but slicked up with sauce you don't realize it...

'course, that would appeal to an ex-jarhead, as most of them don't have their own teeth...

; ' )

Eric said...

Dude what's your deal with Joe Miller? Have you even met him? He's actually a pretty cool guy. He wrote some great stuff when he was with the Pitch. His book was pretty interesting into one of the biggest topics in KC conversation - the school district.

He took his blog private after some very creepy stalking/obsessiveness on the part of Tony.

Xavier Onassis said...

eric & michelle - Jeez! I get it! You are buds with Joe Miller. You all ride bikes together. Fine. I love you guys.

All I know is when I first started blogging, Joe Miller was supposed to be The Shit. Big, famous, local blogger, wrote a book, won an award, big deal. Tony even did one of his video interviews with him.

Then he started taking himself all seriously, went to work for a politician, took a political office, locked down all public access to the Mayor's blog and to his own blog and basically tucked his turtle head into it's shell for the duration and has been hiding away ever since.

At least that's the way it looks from out here.

No one can read his blog without an invitation. What the fuck?

Anderson Cooper has a blog. I don't need an invitation to read it. I'm thinking Anderson Cooper is a bigger and more respected journalist than Joe fucking Miller.

From whence the arrogance?

He doesn't comment on anyone's blog unless he is doing it anonymously or pseudonymously (which is what I suspect he is doing and is kind of chickenshitish).

He used to be the Rock Star Of The Local Blogosphere and he has reduced himself to the "Joe Who?" category.

He is the perfect, text book example of why I never, ever want people to take my blog seriously or get too many readers.

I don't ever want to feel like I need to censor my commentors, or hide behind behind a cyber-wall.

This is just a fucking blog.

I'll say whatever I want. You leave whatever comments you want.

Let the chips fall where they may.

Lighten up, people.

lurch said...

All this talk about BBQ, and not a single mention of BBs Lawnside?
WTF people? Blues and BBQ at its best!

Stinkbait Boucher said...

wow. look what you did there.

Go to your room (it's an expression like "bite me.").

Fucking classic.

This post was fed by the BBQ of the gods (not that there's anything wrong with that).

travel said...

lol Xo

I'll never get the keys to the city.

The 27th is on my calendar. The TKC threat did it.

Nightmare said...

How does June look for a BBQ cook off Blogger style?

What do you have going? Where do you suppose this function can take place?

Jay said...

Wow! What do I even say first? Ok, first of all, I live in Johnson County. I am not from Johnson County or even the KC Metro area. I went to school in Kansas before the whole evolution debate hit the fucking fan, which is another story! I have lived here now for 10 years now. It was hard to make friends when I first moved here, but finally I did. People have their different opinions on barbague, liek people have different opinons on who should be president. Yes, their are a lot of dumb assess in JOCO. I don't consider myself to be one of them, besides I am not rich, i am not a republican and don't care to much for JOCO in general. Is their really a good part of this metro to live in? I have not found it. If I want to live in Kansas City, MO or Kansas City, KS, my car insurance goes way up. My car tag and taxes are higher. What I would be saving in rent I would spend on my car. There is always famous Daves BBQ and KC Masterpiece. Of cource, all you would have to do is take one good look at me to know that I love food. I thought that it was funny that Joe Miller pulled his blog because he didn't like what someone said to him, well if I did that, I wouldn't be blogging. The dating scene, I am the wrong person to ask that, I guess I am one of those ugly people that someone was referring to. LOL

Faith said...

Um, Lurch? I kinda mentioned it at about comment 23, I believe it was. I LOOOOVVE me some BB's!

And XO, excellent summation of the issue with Joe. I never did catch on to reading the guy's blog in the first place, but it doesn't matter because you are INFINITELY more entertaining to me than I ever remember him being. I'm on your side, man...