Monday, February 11, 2008

Tony Revealed!

For those of you who didn't know (or didn't care), the mysteriously reclusive Tony of TKC gave his first public interview for FOX4 in a piece that aired Friday night.

They also interviewed the intelligent and thoughtful Mark Forsythe and some Republican, home schooling bimbo.


"The D" said...

I think that dude was in that group of Bishop Meige jerk-offs we Bishop Ward studs used to beat up every Friday night.


Just kidding I don't know that dude.

Xavier Onassis said...

"the d" - I don't know him either.

But I bet he only has 2 balls.

Heather said...


"The D" said...

Then I guess he's twice the man you are!


You walked in that one buddy!

Xavier Onassis said...

He looks sleepy.

Or Chinese.

Can't tell which.

Heather said...

It's the sugar comedown from all those Little Debbie snack cakes.

Mark said...

Intelligent and thoughtful? Puhleeeze....

Faith said...

I liked that she listed around 10 other blogs that she "checks pretty frequently," and only 2 or 3 of them are ones that I've ever heard of, have actually read myself, or have had the pleasure of meeting in person at one of our little meet ups. I mean, I know there are a shit ton of blogs out there, and chances are they won't be reporting on those of us that just bitch and moan (and use pretty, pretty language) all the time, but I always get pissed when at least you and Emaw aren't on a popular local blogs list, XO.

Tony talks as fast as I do. Weird.

Tony said...

Sleepy or Chinese, why can't it be both?

You're a tad late this one but I like the bloggy cross linking nonetheless. KC Talk also caught a screen grab but I like this one more. I'm about so say, "Oh, shit I love illegal immigration or something complementary about cartoons." (Neither really)

Faith is right, one of the weaknesses of the medium or the last segment on the Friday Night news before MASH is that there isn't enough time to mention all the great blogs in KC.

Faith said...

Hell, screw mentioning them on the air in some random interview where journalists are making fun of bloggers - *again*. She's got some listed on her own "blog" like JustCara and Gone Mild. The other ones are all random as far as I'm concerned. I don't know what kind of blogs they are, or why they're popular. I average 178 page views and 82 visits per day...What does that mean when it comes to my net worth as a blogger? Hell if I know. But am I a popular read? Well, I have some loyal readers, I know that. And I love the new friends I've made through our relatively tight knit blogger community (that want to be involved with us, that is) here in KC and I think they like reading my content when I post it, for the most part.

I just think that it's odd that you get the attention you do, Tony. I mean, I like you (most of the time) and all, but I don't get it. Your blog isn't interesting to me half the time, which is part of the reason I removed you from my blogroll, along with the JoCo bashing that I was (to be frank) quite tired of. But as I always say, I'm not interested in politics, local or otherwise, and I really don't have any desire to see the pics of scantily-clad women, so the type of satire you subscribe to in your writing just wears on a fun-loving mind like mine, I guess.

Anyway, the attention certain bloggers get confuses me, is my point. And the "real" journalists that like to bag on bloggers such as yourself just need to go get a life.

® said...

This nitwit(Tony)is truly the most annoying low life on the local blogs.

I'd like to investigate who's bankrolling this kid to spew his adolescent crap.

He also looks pretty well fed for a poor disadvantaged minority who isn't getting a fair shake don't ya think?

Sorry Tony. Fact remains there are always going to be people who are smarter then you, more experienced then you, and have more street smarts then you and can see right through your bullsh*t.

Good Luck