Monday, February 11, 2008


That zipped by fast!

I missed my own 2nd anniversary.

I made my first post to this blog on January 23, 2006. I've been at this for just over 2 years.

Like a bad family reunion, it seems like a whole lot longer, doesn't it?

I can be pretty fucking tedious. I don't know how y'all put up with my verbose ass.

Every blog meet I attend I expect to get shanked in the kidney with the words "For the love of God will you please just shut the fuck up!!!" ringing in my ears as my life slowly ebbs away on the bar room floor.

That's why I always leave early.

My hit counter says I have 40,164 page views. But about a year ago, my hit counter just spontaneously reset itself. So I have no idea how many hits I've had since inception and don't really care.

I also show a total of 637 posts. Thats a post every day and a half, more or less.

What a slacker! I think TKC averages about 637 posts a day! But then, I do have an actual job and rent to pay.

I seem to average between 50-100 visitors a day. I'm very comfortable with that. I used to be obsessed with how many hits I got. In the early days, most of my hits were from me checking to see if I had any hits. It was like blogsterbation.

I don't care anymore.

I'm not trying to build a media empire. I'm not trying to influence public policy. I don't want to be interviewed by the MSM, I don't want to win any awards, I'm not looking to make money from ads, I'm not doing this for fame, fortune or power and I never, EVER want to be taken seriously. Most importantly, I don't ever want to start taking myself seriously.

I'm just an asshole full of opinions.

I do this because I enjoy it. The fact that other people read what I write and like it is just a whole lot of yummy gravy. I am also grateful for the new friends I have made through blogging. It is an ever expanding group of really talented, intelligent, witty, diverse and interesting people.

Except for emaw.

Thank you all for for two years of pandering to my attention whoredom.

I will strive to repay you with continued, mindless, ill informed, ranting drivel.

You're welcome.


meesha.v said...

you are at the point now when you can randomly republish your old stuff and no one will notice. congratulations.

Xavier Onassis said...

meesha - actually, I've been doing that since my 50th post. I've been waiting for someone to notice.


"The D" said...

You should create a "best of" list.
Best of what I don't know!


Anyway, it would be a very short list.



Heather said...

I'm very glad to know you and call you friend.

Even if you do hate Mormons.

Xavier Onassis said...

"the d" - meds?

Thanks for not shanking me Heather!

Spyder said...

Congrats! Love ya!

emawkc said...

Hey! I resemble that remark!

Joe said...

Hell X, not to kiss your ass or anything but you're one funny dude. That and I've poached your shit a time or two, always with credit.