Sunday, March 02, 2008

The 10 Things KC Keri Oke Would Like to Say to or Ask TKC

She's making her mind up about all things Kansas City pretty quickly!

My favorite was #3:

"3. If you didn't notice, I don't want to be in your club, so thanks for the initial boost, but you bug me and I'd rather be read by no one than associated with you. So with all due respect, can you remove me from your links until you grow up a little?"


She's already removed Tony from her newly created blog roll.

This woman is a Force Of Nature!

I suspect that the Kansas City blogosphere is about to change forever.

As Margo Channing would say..."Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy night."


meesha.v said...

Wow! Half of your blog lately is pimping her blog, how convenieeent! she knows TKC will link her post first thing tomorrow, he always does that.

H-Train said...

Yeah, XO. I'm starting to be concerned about your fixation.

Keri Oki said...

Fixation or not -- thanks -- I'm just tired of TKC's nudie pictures and self-centeredness

Leigh Ann said...

Yep, I wondered what was up when you left that hateful rant on TKC's comments the other day... now it all comes clear.

Where's your loyalty, man?

Aren't you a little old to be having a mid-life crisis?

Faith said...

Keri, I feel ya. I haven't had a chance to read ya much yet, but I feel ya for sure.

I used to love the kid. I did. But his kind of humor and my kind of humor just doesn't mix as well as it used to, it seems.

She did give him a bit more credit than I do, though. His "popularity" does NOT make him the king of any part of the local blogosphere, IMO.

That's XO's job, dammit. ;)

Logtar said...

LOL, like all of us are not self centered, Rule number one of blogging is to suffer mild narcissism! and like fight club we do not speak of it.

Hating on TKC is only going to make him happy... its a Satire blog, I am sure none of us know the real Tony...

As for the half nekked woman, well, I do have to agree with your crush on this one XO... they are unnecessary...

meesha.v said...

XO wants to move up to the list of "Who I Hope to Tap Before My Next Marriage"

travel said...

TKC thinks he's some kind of blogger rock star. He just got cut down to size.

H-Train said...

Actually, I really think TKC doesn't care whether people like him or not.

Which is why any ranting towards him is a waste of time and blogspace.

Midtown Miscreant said...

Im not going to jump to TKC's defense. that said, he links more blogs than anyone Ive read. And really Keri oki seems like a fairly self absorbed blog about some pretty shallow subject matter. Bangin etc. Not that theres anything wrong with that. Im just saying, Pot meet Kettle.
And you guys quit cock blockin XO.

mainstream said...

C'mon. Keri intentionally talks about sex with a guy-oriented casualness to bring in readership and attract attention.

Her first post led with bangin her boss's boss, etc.

And she criticizes Tony?

At least, if you're being manipulated admit it then enjoy it.

H-Train said...

I never thought I would be accused of cock-blocking XO.

Personally, Tony doesn't bother me. I just skip over the stuff that doesn't interest me.

I can't be a hater to the guy who led me to most of my most favorite KC Bloggers!

Faith said...

See, the point to my blogroll, though, is that those are the blogs I actually READ on a daily (well, 5 days of the week, anyway...unless they're blocked by my evil firewall issues at work in which case I read them slightly less often) basis. Not because I want people to think that I like them, or what have you.

It's good that we all have a source to go to in order to find local blogs listed in one place. It certainly isn't what my blogroll is about, but I can see the value in it.

The local blogoshpere has definitely been enhanced by the wonderful new bloggers I've found over the last year or so, and have the opportunity to get together with every month, etc, etc...but I can't say that I remember how I found everyone. I can only give Tony credit for Pensive Girl, because she's honestly the only one I remember checking out thanks to a link he had in one of his posts. The rest of y'all are just lucky, I think! :P

Logtar said...

If you don't READ Tony, then don't link him... the whole, remove your link to me is only asking for more attention from him it seems.

If Tony bothered me, I would simply just not read his stuff, not comment on it or not link him... going out of my way to attack an online persona would be like getting pissed of at Mickey Mouse, alas some people do just that.

Faith said...

To be fair, Logtar, she did remove Tony from her links. And I find nothing wrong with her asking to be removed from his if she doesn't want any kind of association with his blog. Her call, I think.

Logtar said...

I think the only time it is her call is on her own blog. I think we have the freedom to link whoever we want... but maybe I am wrong. Never really thought of someone that I did not like linking me as a problem.

I had a little war of words with another blogger before and we pretty much ended up not liking each other at all... the link to me was somewhat negative, but I never asked to be removed. I think any traffic is good traffic, because I have a blog so people get to know a little of me, are somewhat entertained and hopefully also make them think.

Faith said...

I still find nothing wrong with her asking to be removed. If he doesn't, then whatever. I don't think she should throw a hissy if he doesn't, but again, I don't see a problem with her at least asking.

Logtar said...

Faith, I totally agree with you :) asking, sure (an e-mail would have sufficed), posting a leave me alone post that looks more like a promotion post than anything, that then gets celebrated by XO that has an online crush on her is what I find funny.

I should probably quit while I am ahead or people would start saying that I am defending Tony.

Xavier Onassis said...

Oh will you people stop!! LOL! I found a blog I thought was clever and funny. I tried to promote it. And all y'all have to go and try to turn it into something else.

Ya fuckers.

Go over to the d's blog and talk about his tritesticulatedness for a while why dontcha?

leigh ann - I didn't think I was being hateful as much as exasperated. But either way I was probably out of line. Bloggers are free to blog as they see fit and readers are free to read them or not. Not my place to be suggesting what TKC or anyone else should be posting on their own blogs.

faith - "His "popularity" does NOT make him the king of any part of the local blogosphere, IMO...That's XO's job, dammit. ;)" Thanks! But you are far too kind. Put down the crack pipe and sloooowwwllyyy back away. LOL!

Monsignor Hudson said...

Keri Oke doesn't like Tony's self-centeredness?

C'mon Keri. 100% of your posts concern only one subject - yourself.

Pot meet kettle.

Contrast that with many other bloggers including XO whom have somewhat of an external focus. This post, for instance, as well as 90% of his other posts.

Time to call BULLSHIT on Keri.



Keri Oki said...

Wow - a gal leaves for Europe and look what happens.

So let's walk through the program...

1. I'm completely self-centered. Not sure where anyone got the idea I wasn't. So no worries there.

2. KC has some awesome blogging going on -- let's keep it up -- it's a great town and needs more positive press

XO is my love advisor - this is a tough job -- give him a break.

Oh yeah and for sure keep reading about me all the time -- it helps my ego --

But in my defense -- sometimes I write about my car -- so it's not always about me.