Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Girlfriend Is In Atlantis

No, not that Atlantis.

Although...Amanda Tapping...goddamn!

But I digress.

No, I mean THIS Atlantis.

The company that she works for met all of it's corporate goals for 2007 so they are holding their Annual Meeting in Atlantis. Due to a variety of circumstances, I was not able to accompany her this year as I did last year.

Do I mind? Oh Hell to the no! She worked her ass off and she earned this trip. She deserves it!

Have fun, baby! Say hello to Namor!

(p.s. - I wanted to include a pic but when I google-imaged "namor" I got some of the most homo-erotic comic book crap I've ever seen...not that there's anything wrong with that. Who knew that underwater superheroes were so popular in the gay community? Is there a gay Aquaman contingent on the DC side of the fence?)

Yeah. I'm pretty sure there is.

I'll close this post out with some Goddamned Hippies, just for emaw.


emawkc said...

Damn dirty hippies!

Congrats to your GF, though. That place looks pretty kick ass.

Stinkbait Boucher said...

I ain't clicking that Namor link so stop trying.

Stinkbait Boucher said...

Yeah, Okay. So I clicked it. I think it's perfectly healthy for me to have done so. I ain't bookmarking it though so stop trying...

Poodles said...

I would love to go to that Atlantis.

travel said...

One year our team at work finally got something approved that was against all odds and then some. Company gave us 1 week with our spouses in Alaska (in the summer) all expenses paid, literally anything we wanted to do, eat, drink. We spent a couple of days in Anchorage and Seward and then boarded the Alaskan railroad and headed north through Mt. McKinley territory and up to Fairbanks. We went on helicopter rides, river rafting, horseback riding, salmon fishing. It was unbelievable.

Hope your g/f has a ball in Atlantis.

Joe said...

You've been awarded.

Anonymous said...

I have awarded your meat as well! :)

Jeff said...

Thank you, nice post, very informative. Regards.

Stinkbait Boucher said...

Only click on "Jeff's" profile if you're addicted to spyware and spam.


Stinkbait Boucher said...

Lest I seem abrupt - Clicking on "Jeff's" profile will send you to a shit site on "AXSPACE.COM" where an amateurish javascript will construct a URL to "FIRESEARCH.SC.

At FIRESEARCH.SC you'll be treated to fake search results selling you miracle diet plans and penis-lengthening potions.

The links in the "results" are to a shit bulk hosting environment in Waukeegan, New Jersey and are themselves obfuscated through a "mouseover" javascript to make them seem legitimate to your browser status bar.

For all of your trouble you will likely pick up a drive-by trojan and fuck up daddy's new christmas-present PC.

So, lest I seem abrupt, don't click on Jeff's profile.

What an asshole.

Xavier Onassis said...

stink - ya know, between you clicking on the gay Namor link and clicking Jeff's obviously bogus profile, I'm thinking that for an intelligent, successful guy, you're pretty fucking trusting and gullible. Is that a Left Coast thing? LOL!

joe & poodles - Thank you both! That was awesome! But I'm not going to do that meme because I don't want to piss off anyone who isn't in the 10. I check everyone in my blogroll (and more that I haven't added yet) everyday and they are all my favorites or I wouldn't bother.