Sunday, April 06, 2008

Clinton's top strategist quits


pedro said...

Der lang anhaltende Machtkampf um das Gebiet Tibet, wobei es meiner Ansicht nach um die einseitige Macht Chinas geht

und auf der anderen Seite ein repressionsfreies und anerkanntes Nebenherleben (lt. dem Dalai Lama), spitzt sich

angesichts der bevorstehenden Olympischen Spiele weiter zu.

Faith said...

I didn't watch the video yet. I was hoping that the 1 comment that had been posted thus far would give me some clue as to whether I should take the time or not.

And its in fucking GERMAN? WTF? Dammit...[stomps off to watch video like her lazy ass shoulda done in the first place...]

LP Cards Fan said...

A comment in "fucking GERMAN." By pedro. I'm going to go watch that video again.

crse said...

XO, I waited all day to be alone to play that clip and it was totally worth it. Perfect in fact (faith it's only a few seconds long). That made my evening!

Xavier Onassis said...

You Get What You Pay For - Here is the take on Pedro's comment:

"The long continuous power struggle around the zone Tibet whereby it concerns according to my view the one-sided power China
and on the other side a repression-free and acknowledged on the side life (lt. the Dalai Lama), sharpens itself. In view of the impending Olympic games further to."

Alrighty then. Thanks for stopping by, Herr Perdro-san.

Faith - look at it. go ahead. you know you want to.

lp cards - No, it was just plain German. didn't have an option for "fucking GERMAN to English".

crse - "...I waited all day to be alone to play that clip..." Thats because you thought it was going to be something naughty! "That made my evening!" Glad I could help!

I can see that little video clip making repeat performances as apprpriate for breaking news items.