Monday, April 07, 2008

Cowtown Ballroom Reunion

As you may know, Joe Heyen is making a documentary about the Cowtown Ballroom.

He organized a reunion that was to be held at the ballroom, but apparently, the new owners are greedy fucking douchebags who tried to use the event to buy themselves cigarette boats.

"The Ballroom has a new owner, and I cleared all of this three weeks ago before I invited you. Then this Monday they called and canceled the event because they didn't have liability insurance. So I went out and bought insurance. I planned on providing you with some refreshments. They came back Wednesday, and said they would have to cater the event. I agreed to that expense. Then yesterday they came back with another charge for security (at overtime rates). Enough is enough.
So I am moving the event to a bar that is one block away. It is the Tower Tavern at 31st and Oak (just one block west of Cowtown)."

I attended the reunion but like an idiot, all I brought was my camera phone.

So all I got was out of focus crap. Which I oh-so-proudly display for you now.

And no, emaw, the place did not smell like patchouli and ass.

It smelled like Ben Gay, Dentugrip and Depends.

There will be a fundraiser for the documentary project at The Recordbar on July 18.

Westport will once again be taken over by hippies. Viva la révolution!!

Where do I chain up my Rascal?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a blast! Looks can be deceiving though...

Anonymous said...

Ive wanted a rascal for quite some time now...i think it would change everything for me..