Monday, April 07, 2008

My Coverage Of McCain's Visit


Goddamn she is one hot cougar! I'm getting unspeakably decadent mental images of her and Kathleen Sebelius...

...but I digress.

THIS is the crazy, goobery, old fucker I was looking for...

I saw where he was going to be at The Kansas City Club around lunchtime, so I ambled over there thinking a pic of McCain would be great blog-fodder.

"John McCain returns to Missouri for a Campaign Finance Luncheon at the Kansas City Club on Monday, April 7 at noon. Tickets to this event are $1,000 per person or $2,300 per person with a photo opportunity."

Yet I went there with nothing other than my 1.3 mega pixel camera phone, a buck in my billfold and a shaky hand.


I stood there for the better part of 90 minutes listening to the Ron Paul hippies goon-babbling over a megaphone.

I thought I was waiting for McCain to ARRIVE. So I kept looking for motorcycles, motorcades, flashing lights and guys in dark sunglasses sporting cyborg earpieces to come storming down the street.

All of a sudden someone yells "THERE HE IS!" as he is leaving the Kansas City Club and is quickly hustled inside a large, black, SUV that had been sitting at the curb the entire time I was standing there.

I whipped out my camera/phone and tried to get a shot.

Here you go.

I hope you will all attend my acceptance of the Pulitzer Prize for Photo Journalism that I am sure I will be awarded for this exceptional "get".


Anonymous said...

Wow, they really DO look different in person!

Spyder said...

Nice grill!

Here's my question. Cougar? Is a woman a cougar automatically at a certain age? If married is she still a cougar? Or only if she's on the hunt?

Xavier Onassis said...

spyder - Hell, I don't know. I think they have to be on the hunt.

But i've been off the market for almost 4 years. I'm not hip to the lingo these days.

Spyder said...

I've been off the market for over 22 years. Back then the hunt was with bows & arrows. LOL! Such a long, long time ago. And I wouldn't change it a bit.

SmedRock said...

Generally over 45yrs of age looking for younger meat, so in XO's case, no she would not be a cougar (sorry X).

And what the heck, I would be her pool boy, she alone is worth 100 Million. Her husband is just mooching.

Midtown Miscreant said...

I cant believe i'm the first to say this, but........GRATE photo xo. heh heh

Poodles said...

HA! I guess it's true that he's as old as dirt.

Xavier Onassis said...

smed - "...over 45yrs of age looking for younger meat, so in XO's case, no she would not be a cougar (sorry X)."

Although everything you said is true, you're still a dick.

You could have put a period after the word "meat" and just stopped right there.

That would have answered Spyder's question quite succinctly, thank you very much.

But NOOOOO! You have to go ahead and point out that I am way older than the gray haired wife of the guy in his 70's!

Thanks, pal! Thanks a whole fucking lot. LOL!

ElPato said...

Goon babble! Funny shit...
Check out out band. We're from Warrensburg but we play in KC sometimes.