Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm a scaly Man-Fish

When my daughter and her friend were over this weekend, they couldn't stop talking about (and quoting) what is apparently the latest hot thing on the intertubes among her demographic (she's 14...just leaving middle school and headed for high school).

I'm talking about Old Gregg.

Do a Youtube search on Old Gregg and you will find even more...should you choose to do so.

Might also be worth your time to do a search on Noel Fielding and The Mighty Boosh. If you like British humor.


Anonymous said...

And thank you again for giving me access to the phrase "ya fuzzy little man peach". This is almost as big a gift as my husband inadvertently giving me the phrase "if i wanted to hear you nag, Id have pulled your reins" (oh he regrets that and won't he be thrilled when I add ya fuzzy little manpeach to each response). God bless madame Galadriel Tanqueray

Jameson in KC said...

I watched the whole last season of Mighty Boosh.. some college kids pointed me to Old Gregg..The guy who plays Old Gregg won Sexiest Male of 2008 at the Shockwaves NME Awards