Monday, April 14, 2008

The Magic Desk

A while back The D challenged bloggers to post pictures of their blogging desk...the place where the magic happens.

As far as I know, nightmare was the only one who responded.

Until now!

Here ya go, bitches!

The High Tech Command Center!

The Secret Underground Bunker!

The Fortress of Solitude!

XO Central!

Wallow in your envy!



"The D" said...

Is that a Commador 64? How many 3.25" floppy disk do you need to run windows 3.1?

Spyder said...

Where's that huge desk?

Xavier Onassis said...

A Commadore 64?!?

Hah! I WISH it was a Commadore! Or even a TI-994A.

No my friend, this was a Kaypro II.

The Green-Eyed Monster. If it was good enough for Arthur C. Clarke, it's good enough for me!

Windows? What is this magic of which you speak? Get thee behind me, Satan.

The Kaypro took two 3.25" floppy for the operating system (DOS), the other for the application (like dBase III+ or Lotus 123).

It weighed as much as a portable sewing machine.

Totally stand alone. You couldn't connect with jack shit!

This was the internet!

SmedRock said...

That thing was state of the art in 1985...

Le Grand Lapin said...

Dude! A Kaypro. That totally smokes my old SX64 color portable. (Portable, in the same sense an Airstream trailer is portable.) My envy, though, is for the Saturn V in the corner.

Kanga said...

My Kaypro 2x was a steel-cased, nuke-proof beast. It ran on CPM, not DOS, though. Wrote my first and only trashy novel on it. Loved that thing. You so rawk!

T said...

I love the dot-matrix printer on the printer stand!!!!! Print lots of banners on that monster, then spend hours tearing off the edges?

Nuke said...

Wow that takes me back to my Navy days. Actually that MAY be higher tech then we had.

Does it launch the rocket in the corner?

Xavier Onassis said...

smedly - Yeah. So was I.

lapin - Saturn envy. I get that a lot. Alas, the Saturn is no more. It was a mighty, mighty rocket in its day, but it can only get knocked over by the fucking cat so many times before it is just a pile of scrap plastic and torn decals. So very sad.

kanga - I was a dBase III+ wizard back in the day. That's what I used it for. That and email. Oops! Wait...THERE WAS NO FUCKING EMAIL. We used to beat on hollow logs with sticks to send messages back and forth.

t - ahhhh, remember that sound? I love the sound of dot matrix printers in the morning! It sounds like...productivity!

nuke - nope. That computer didn't launch any rockets. No internet porn, remember? Would have looked all green and pixelly anyway. Just as well, really.

Xavier Onassis said...

HOLY SHIT! I just embiggened that picture and looked at the screen of the Kaypro. I think I was playing Lunar Lander! Ahahahhaha!

mainstream said...

There is a picture on your desk, behind the drink. Who is that a picture of?

It looks like Ronald Reagan.

Xavier Onassis said...

mainstream - you win the Easter Egg hunt! It is indeed a picture of Ronald Reagan. In sepia-tone. Holding a big wad of stolen cash from the movie "The Killers" 1964.



"Ronald Reagan plays a rich, double-crossing bad guy."

Seemed appropriate at the time.