Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Anchors Gone Wild!

TV reporters totally losing it.

There has to be footage out there somewhere of Larry Moore dropping the F Bomb.


mainstream said...

lol I loved the lady at the very end with the voice over "what the fuck are YOU doing!!". (I wondefr what they were doing?)

Yet another good and tremendously entertaining post, XO.

T said...

I don't know about an F-bomb, I just remember when he "allegedly" dropped his zipper at Liberty Memorial, and was "allegedly" busted playing with his ------. (insert item of "The D"'s irrational fear, here)

Chris said...

Man, I have heard so many "allegedly's" connected with stories about so many local news personalities, you'd think broadcast news journalism was a great attractor for pervs, like ice cream trucks and the priesthood.