Friday, May 02, 2008

Carnage In Independence That Doesn't Involve Meth

(click any of the pics to embiggen for exploring more 3.2 megapixel detail)

God hates Arby's!

I'm guessing she's more of a Planet Sub fan.

Look at this.

Obvious evidence of upward suckage. The edging in this landscaped area was sucked up out of the ground and draped over the shrubbery (NI!) that it was surrounding.

Microburst my big white flabby ass.

"Straight Line Winds" and "Microbursts" are synonyms for a TORNADO that a meteorologist failed to recognize and warn people about.

What the fuck?

Why I care

Thank Thor for a rented townhouse with a garage.


meesha.v said...

today clowns at fox 4 superimposed 4 Greensburg KS tornadoes from last year over the map of KC and went on to estimate the potential damage and carnage at about 7.5 billion dollars.they said it's on their website, I didn't look. tomorrow's report:if the A-bomb exploded over the Fox 4 studios,potential death count and property damage.

Anonymous said...

Independence/Raytown got jacked up! Just a drive down Sterling proved that. I heard the alarms go off... then all hell broke loose. I guess we can count ourselves lucky compared to the unfortunate bastards who live up north huh