Friday, May 02, 2008

Welcome The Rumbling Grumbling Old Fart


You Rang is a new blogger who can be found at Rumbling, Grumbling Old Fart.

He modestly and succinctly describes himself as

"Often PO'd libertarian leaning old man surviving and ranting in the metro Kansas City area"

In his introductory comment on one of my posts, he said

"BTW, first time replying, but long time reader. I decided to start my own blog after enjoying yours and Midtown Miscreants."

TRANSLATION: "If you two addle-minded putty-heads can string words together on the intertubes, I reckon anybody can!"

Here is a sample of his work

"I only watch one television program. CSI. The original one, not the newer knockoffs. But, it's on when I'm working. So I have my TiVO record it for me.

So, last night I get home around 12:30am, flip the TiVO to play what it faithfully recorded for my viewing pleasure.

Katie Horner. Katie Fucking Horner.

For 23 straight minutes, Katie blathered on and on about the rain. I know it was 23 minutes, because I have it on fucking digital video on my TiVO, of course it's labeled "CSI", not Katie Horner blathering about rain...

...Is there a way I can tell my TiVO that I don't EVER want to see Katie Horner? I don't care if the sky is actually falling, because I'm fairly certain that if I'm awake and watching TV... I'd realize it. I don't need some weather broad to tell me it MIGHT happen. I'll know when it's happening."
I like this guy and I'm adding him to my Google Reader and my blogroll (I am way behind updating that). You should too.


You Rang said...

Thanks for the plug and link. I hope to put up posts every day. I usually get PO'd at something at least that often!

SmedRock said...

Don't thank him to early. That is like thanking a pimp. Watch your back. :)

You Rang said...

Well smedrock, XO won't be getting any money from me, and I'm not sure he'd want to see me in my HO' gear :-)