Sunday, May 04, 2008

Proud Of My Daughter

Young GTO is 14 now. The age at which Bad Decisions start to be made.

But so far [knock on wood], so good. She recently split with her best friend of the past few years because said friend was starting to be a bit of a bitch and was headed down the wrong behavioral path [getting suspended from school, many groundings, hanging out with the wrong kids, etc.]. And she did so without regret or drama. She was just done.

I dropped her and another of her friends off at the mall today and they bought matching T-Shirts.

The graphic is clear enough but the caption is hard to read (and I don't want any of you fuckers staring at my daughter's chest long enough to try and read it) so I'll translate.

It says "There are cooler ways to die."

Kinda makes the weight I gained after quitting smoking almost 2 years ago worth it.

She's cool.

She is also totally obsessed with a German band named Tokio Hotel.

Their first CD to be released in the U.S. comes out Tuesday and I think she is relishing the fact that she was the first person in her town to discover this hot new band.

She took down all of her torn out and taped up J-14 pictures of teen idols to make room for her new Tokio Hotel Shrine.

I can think of worse music she could be attracted to.


Janet said...

I think I'll be hitting a music store on tuesday myself. tell her thanks for the heads up!

Doc said...

music's okay, but for pity's sake: how old are those kids, 16?

okay, ovaltine and bed now....

meesha.v said...

when I was kid we listened to Germans too

Xavier Onassis said...

janet - I passed that info on to my daughter. Awaiting her response.

T said...

Sorry, but I was annoyed by this band as far back as last year.

And my favorite German bands, instead of looking fucked up and sounding like Hanson on methadone, they looked fucked and sounded fucked up!!!

Cheers to Can, Kraftwerk, and Einsturzende Neubauten. And they all still sound great on vinyl.

And let's not forget an influence on EN from Brit band, Throbbing Gristle.

Nightmare said...

14 huh?


I don't listen to much music past 1984. So all of the hip bands that the cool kids are listening to, well they all sound like cats getting ass raped by a lawn mower.