Friday, May 02, 2008

Storm Coverage

A lot of tap dancing going on this morning.

Watching KSHB. The helicopter guy is surveying the damage from last night's storm and he keeps saying "Boy, based on what I can see, it sure looks like tornado damage." Talks about a distinct path, localized damage.

The weater guy keeps talking about hurricane force winds, bow echos and straight line winds, and how evaluation teams are going out to make an assessment. Talks about how it looks similar to a storm in St. Louis several years ago which was caused by straight line winds.

Why all the hedging?

Because if it turns out that they completely hjacked regular TV last night with all of their multi-million dollar, HD graphic weather radars and computer models and still failed to spot a tornado?

Well, The D won't be too happy about that. I mean, we're talking Lost. You don't want to make The D angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.


"The D" said...

Why are you bloggin ing the moring you never blog in the moring?

I'm not too upset about missing the show. I can watch then online.

It all good in da' hood!

You Rang said...

I was at work during the 1st hijacking of regular programming... but I didn't miss it since I TiVO only one show... CSI. I got over 40 minutes of Katie Horner on digital video now.
Of course I was up watching the "rebroadcast" of CSI last night when they did it again.

BTW, first time replying, but long time reader. I decided to start my own blog after enjoying yours and Midtown Miscreants.

Xavier Onassis said...

Hey, welcome to the blogosphere you grumbling old fart!

I'm talking to You Rang, not The D.

Just visited your blog and I like the content and that thing that you did with the stationary background and the scrolling foreground. Way cool.

I'll be announcing you arrival with a dedicated post tonight.

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SmedRock said...

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He does have a cool blog though. Reading it as soon as I am done desecrating yours.