Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I Called This Months Ago


My original Dream Ticket was Bill Richardson for President with Obama as VP. You can read all of the reasons here.

But with Richardson dropping out of the race, that dream evaporated.

So this is my new ticket. I'm supporting Obama over Hillary because, as I've stated many times before, I don't think Hillary can win in the general election.

For the democrats to win the general election, they are going to need to attract independents and swing voters. There are moderate republicans out there who are sick of Bush, sick of the wars, and disillusioned with the direction their party has taken. Those moderate republicans are ready for a change and they might be ready to vote for Obama.

But those same moderate republicans would sooner scoop their own eyeballs out with a rusty spoon before they will see Hillary in the Oval Office and Bill Clinton wandering the halls of the White House with lots of time on his hands and the keys to the Lincoln Bedroom.

Look at all of the negative attention Bill has been getting as he campaigns for Hillary. That's bringing back a lot of bad memories for the folks who dislike him. He's doing more harm than good. He could do a lot more damage over the next year because he is genetically incapable of keeping his mouth shut and staying out of the spotlight. Hillary might be able to win the primary, but not the general.

The people in this country want change. And swapping a Bush for a Clinton, again, is not change.

Now, Kathleen Sebelius. Here is a woman who is a democratic governor of a republican state. Her father, John Gilligan, was the democratic governor of Ohio. Her father-in-law, Keith Sebelius, was the republican representative for Kansas' 1st congressional district from 1969 to 1981. So she has the skills to get along with both sides of the fence. This would make her a great running mate because before and after the election she could help forge alliances and make deals across the aisle as the President of the House of Representatives.

Plus, if you didn't notice, she's a woman. And she's a lot more likable than Hillary. That brings in the female vote.

Finally, here is my real genius advice.

Most presidential candidates don't announce cabinet appointments before they've won the election.

I think Obama should break with that tradition and announce very soon that IF elected, he will appoint Bill Richardson to be the new Secretary of State.

Bill Richardson had the stongest resume of any candidate running. But most importantly, Richardson has been recognized for negotiating the release of hostages, American servicemen, and political prisoners in North Korea, Iraq, and Cuba.

Let me repeat...North Korea, Iraq, and Cuba. He has demonstrated that he can talk to some of the bat-shit craziest dictators in the world and actually get results.

This is the guy we need as Secretary of State. This is the guy who can travel the world, talking to the heads of state, even (gasp!) talking to our enemies, to try and repair the damage that dubya and his crazy cronies have caused over the past 7 years.

Plus, he's Hispanic.

So between the 3 of them, you have a black man without the slavery/victim-baggage of previous black candidates, you have a strong, white woman with demonstrated leadership and compromising skills, you have a Hispanic man with a strong resume of leadership and negotiation.

We need all three of them, Obama, Sebelius and Richardson all out there as a team talking to voters for the next year explaining how they can put America back together, bring republicans and democrats together, and put our international relationships back together.

I think that would be one powerful team.

I'm Xavier Onassis and I approve this message.


Spyder said...

Kanga will have to tell you why it shouldn't be Sebelius. I heard that the bishop told her not to show up for communion. If that's true then the Religious Reich will be against her for the same reasons the bishop is. That's my take on it. I personally think she's great.

travel said...

Sebelius is accumulating baggage as we speak and getting a lot of negative press over her association with Tiller the baby killer. I'd love to get rid of her here in Kansas but I don't think Obama will pick her up because of the above.

emawkc said...

I agree that there are a lot of moderate conservatives who are ready for change. If only there were a candidate advocating real change.

Xavier Onassis said...

spyder - the Religious Reich will be against Obama no matter who he picks.

travel - rhyming, jingoistic, rhetoric aside, most on the Democratic side of the fence would view protecting a woman's right to choose and standing up to a tight-assed, single-issue, obsessive pin-head like Phil Kline as a good thing.

emaw - I think the Obama Administration will bring more change than you think.

Capt. Geoffrey Spaulding said...

(AS Monty Burns): "That's an EXCELLENT idea XO!!!"

And it'll never happen BECAUSE it's such a good idea.



jt said...

Holy Shit! You're from MO, but you know about Richardson? OK, I'm impressed. I'll be back :)

emawkc said...

I suspect the only thing the Obama Administration will change is who gets the money.