Monday, June 23, 2008

June is LGBT Pride Month...I think

Okay, stick with me on this one.

The folks over at were running a poll on "Who is the Gayest Robot in Science Fiction?". They said this was one of a series of posts they would be doing in celebration of Queer Pride Month.

I thought it was a funny poll and wanted to link to it, but I wasn't sure about the "queer" thing. I have friends, readers and family members who are gay or bi and I would no more post something offensive to them than I would post something racist.

So I started googling "queer pride month" and found some references to "queer pride" on a site called I started looking around a bit to make sure the site was legit and not some disguised hate site.

That's when I stumbled upon this headline:

"Hef's gay sex?"

next to a picture of Hugh Hefner.

That was mildly intriguing but not all that surprising. I always figured that if there was an anatomically interesting way to have sex with another person, another species, or an inanimate object (like my 2nd wife) Hef has done it at least three times. We all know he's a rabid horn-dog and, as such, the Living God of All Men.

No, this was the part of the teaser that caught my attention:

"This news isn't shocking, but it DOES give us the opportunity to re-tell one of the most obscure gay jokes ever."

You know I had to click through. So here it is:

The Hugh Hefner/Mick Jagger Gay Joke

Mick Jagger was having a gay affair with Hugh Hefner. But one night after a concert, Mick called Hugh to talk, but Hugh sounded weird, and wanted to get off the phone fast. Jagger knew something was up. He was pissed, and he took a Lear Jet that very night to the Playboy mansion. After he got there, he had a hard time with security, but he barrelled past them and headed straight up to Hugh's room. So he pounded on the door over and over, and he finally kicked the door open. Then Mick saw Hugh on the bed, fucking Dennis Weaver. Mick screamed, "Hey! Hugh! Get off of McCloud!"

Oh, c'mon! That was funny! At least it was 30 fucking years ago when anyone knew who the hell Dennis Weaver was.

Fine. Be that way.

Oh, and back to the whole gayest robot poll? Right now, C3PO is the leader with 304 votes followed by my choice with 181 votes. I voted for this guy:

I mean, just look at the phallic little fucker!

He makes the Liberty Memorial look straight.

And lastly, here is clip1 of Adam Sandler's pilot for The Gay Robot.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't imagine a funny Jagger/Hefner joke, but that was hilarious - says a lot for going in with low expectations...

MoxieMamaKC said...

"I mean, just look at the phallic little fucker! He makes the Liberty Memorial look straight."

I just laughed so hard I probably peed my pants a little...


one of the reasons you're one of my favorite daily reads...Keep up the good work!

DLC said...

dennis weaver? man, you are old. As for gay robots, it's hard to beat twiki. i like comment over at the poll that suggested "Haley Joel Osment."

Xavier Onassis said...

dlc - could have been worse. I could have talked about Charley Weaver.

But that wouldn't really have worked with the joke.