Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin on Religion

George Carlin is dead.

The best eulogy I can think of is to replay his own words.

We'll miss ya George.


Average Jane said...

I got the news from you when I logged into Twitter this morning, so I figured this was the place to comment. What a bummer. I always liked George Carlin and saw him live more than once. He'll be missed.

pascal ├ębert said...

I had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Carlin once at a function on the Left Coast. I wondered if he ever had an "off" day.

"So are you always this funny?" I asked him. "Or are you sometimes just a bore like everyone else in the room?"

"No, I'm not always funny," he answered. "Sometimes I'm just fucking pissed off. Lucky for me most people can't seem to tell the difference."

That was pretty much the conversation in its entirety.

Funny how I'll remember forever a random exchange that the other guy probably forgot seconds after it happened.

Such is the privilege of genius.

The world already sucks more without George Carlin in it.

LP Cards Fan said...

Who will remind us to be excellent to each other?

One of the first stand up comedians I ever liked and the only one that stood the test of (my) time.

R.I.P. George.

Absolutely Feisty said...

RIP George! Him and Robin Williams.. my two favorite.