Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Obama + Clinton = FAIL

Now that Barack Obama has won the democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton has telegraphed though her surrogates that she would be willing to accept the VP slot on the ticket.


Obama's entire campaign was about CHANGE.

Dragging a tired, old, baggage-ridden, CLINTON back into the White House as V.P. would completely negate his message and let McCain win.

Don't get me wrong, I really liked Bill as president. I've missed him these past 9 years.

But I lost a lot of respect for Bill as he campaigned for his wife and I lost any respect I ever had for Hillary as she campaigned against Barack.

The age of the Clintons is over! Or needs to be.

Obama needs to pick someone who will help him win the "Reagan-Democrat" voters, but who also represents the future, not the past.

He also needs to announce, as soon as possible, that he intends to nominate Bill Richardson ( a Latino) as Secretary of State.

Bill Richardson is the best qualified diplomat in the world to start repairing the damage done by the ignorant fucktards who have been waving the incresingly limp American dick in the faces of both our enemies and our allies.

Obama needs to sieze the initiative and start visiting world leaders (with Richardson in tow) as soon as the Primaries are over (now) and well before the General Election.

Obama needs to start sending the message, worldwide, that the Bush era is over. The Clinton era is over. The 20th century is over. The Cold War is over. The era of American Arrogance is over.

He needs to start communicting with our international allies that we are willing and ready to deal with them as equals...not as a Super-Power dictating terms, but as equals.


Joe said...

I was just telling the tv with my wife in the room (when the talking heads were talking about Hillary for VP) that Obama needs to bring Richardson aboard as VP. So, its funny you blog about this the first day I check your place. Great minds think alike, Xavier.

Suzanne Karmin said...

Right On!!

Le Grand Lapin said...

Be grateful that Hillary's political ambition got the better of her judgement. If she had found the spine to kick Bill to the curb for the Oval Office BJs and other philandering, she might have been able to ask W for the keys and walk right into the West Wing. She would have been The American Woman. Instead, she's the shrill and strident American Opportunist. Her speech last night was the most egotistical, narcissistic load of foam I've ever heard. She and Bill will always be the victims, because it's always about them. (I liked Bill the President, though). If Obama doesn't have the judgement to run, as fast as possible from Hillary, he shouldn't be president.

Spyder said...

I'm all for Richardson!

Well Hell Michelle said...

I'm for Richardson as Secretary of State. I'd love to see him as VP, but I'm not sure if some close-minded people in this country could stand 2 minorities in the White House at once.

And Hillary as VP? Oh hell no.

travel said...

I'll bet you $10 right now that Richardson will never get it. If not Hillary, I'll bet you another $10 that it will not be a female.

Nightmare said...

I think Obama knows this and I believe that he will Pick John Edwards

SmedRock said...

I have to agree with Nightmare on this one. Edwards may get the nod, if he chose to accept this.

Absolutely Feisty said...

I hope he does pick Edwards. I also think that's why Edwards bowed out early. I would have picked him in the long run.. but Obama makes a good second choice.

Xavier Onassis said...

No, no, no. I'm fairly certain nightmare was being facetious.

John Edwards is a previously failed VP candidate.

You never, ever, pick a previously failed candidate for anything.

Obama should pick someone fresh. Like Kathleen Sebelius.

White. Woman. Proven record of bipartisan cooperation. NO BAGGAGE! NO BILL!

Sebelius brings all of Clinton's positives with none of Clinton's negatives.

Barack Hussein Obama (Kenyan, Islamic father, white mother from Wichita, KS) as President of the United States.

Sebelius (Democratic Governor of Republican Kansas, daughter of the Democratic Governor of Ohio, John Gilligan, married to Gary Sebelius, a federal magistrate judge and the son of former U.S. Representative Keith Sebelius, a Republican).

Richardson, Secretary Of State. http://richardsonforpresident.com/about_bill/ A latino with a proven record of being able to successfully negotiate deals with the worlds most obstinate dictators in the world.

African-American. Female. White. Latino. Diplomatic.

That would be the most forward looking administration ever assembled.

Please, please, let this happen!