Thursday, July 03, 2008

Find XO

This is my 5th grade class photo. (You can click it to embiggen).

Pick which row/column coordinate you think is me.

For instance, I'll give you a hint.

Row 2, column 7...not me.

Prize awarded TBD depending on who wins.

For instance...

If The D wins, I'll contibute 20 bucks towards getting that freaky 3rd testicle removed so he can have a normal relationship with a real woman (who's not a freak).

Feel free to offer suggestions as to what your award should be, should you guess correctly.


"The D" said...

Top right Boy scout!!! BOO-YA!!

"The D" said...

I better follow the rules.

Row 1 column 9

Mark said...

Row 4, 6th from the left.

meesha.v said...

I don't know which one but you should back off The D. There is a woman for him too

Heather said...

Damn...The D took my guess.

Well Hell Michelle said...

Top right... I'm with the D on this one.

Xavier Onassis said...



The D was the first one to guess right so he wins.

I'm a man of my word!

I'll contribute $20.00 towards one of these.

or this


Spyder said...

I knew it was the boy scout. It was the smile.

Poodles said...

Oh Shit, I was totally thinking it was bottom row column 1, and we weren't supposed to know about "the surgery" you had in your 20's.


Logtar said...

They boyscout was easy to find :) ah, back in the day when you were part of a religious organization. lol