Friday, July 18, 2008

New Star Trek Posters

I'm going to cut my loyal readers (both of you) some slack and go with some shorter posts tonight. Because my last one took me ALL EVENING to write and it probably seemed like it took several times that long to read.

SORRY! Slight case of bloggheria. Some cheese and a little pepto and I'm all better!

So, here are some posters for the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot, as featured in Entertainment Weekly.

The new Captain James Tiberius Kirk as channeled by Chris Pine.

The new Spock as fascinatingly portrayed by Zachary Quinto, logically.

The uber-sexy new Uhura with Zoe Saldana ready to "open a channel to Star Fleet", if you know what I mean.

And my friend banky will be particularly pleased, I think, with Eric Bana as the featured villain, Nero.

Or should I say, Nero Maul.

Put them all together...

...and, of course, they form the Enterprise shield.

I'm going to stick my neck out VERY early and predict that this will be the best Star Trek movie since Wrath of Khan.


Poodles said...

I am so excited I could pee! I was kinda pissed that they moved it to next summer from this December.

Anonymous said...

Why post those fuzzy scans from TrekMovie when the Official Star Trek Movie site has high-quality wallpapers of these movie posters?

Look in the Downloads section of the official site...


Suzanne Karmin said...

Lovebug, I just woke up from a nap, did you REALLY type James Tiberius Cook??? On purpose??

cuz, it's surprising you knew his middle name but goofed the last...

was that a joke? am i missing it? help!!!!


Xavier Onassis said...

suzanne - Holy Fucking Shit! I really did do that! Where the fuck did Cook come from?!? Because this was my last post just before I was getting ready to go downstairs and cook supper? No idea. You know, Spell Checker was easy enough for someone to create. I think they need an add-on to that called "Geek Checker" that would help prevent brain farts like that.

Thanks for the heads up. Going to fix it right now.

Suzanne Karmin said...

LOL That's ok, i was wondering if you were making a joke or something that i wasn't catching... lol. Don't worry, as a former Trekker I will be happy to help any trek-related geek facts for you ;)