Sunday, October 26, 2008


I just got my 2008 Personal Property Tax Bill.

My first one since moving to Independence.

Let's see what we have here...



Independence School #30----------5.0841-----------------107.28
Jackson County-------------------0.54309-----------------11.46
Mid-Continent Library------------0.3214-------------------6.78
Metro Junior College-------------0.2143-------------------4.52
Mental Health--------------------0.1218-------------------2.57
Board of Disabled Services-------0.0748-------------------1.58
State Blind Pension--------------0.0300-------------------0.63
TOTAL LEVY RATE------------------6.3894-----------------134.82
CITY LICENSE FEE------------------------------------------6.00
TOTAL FOR TAX YEAR 2008--------------------------------$140.82

I got no problem with it.

I'm happy to pay it.

I'd be happy to pay more if it went to expanding KCATA bus routes or light rail. It's hard for poor folks out here to get to Kansas City or Johnson County where the good jobs are. Imagine a two hour commute each way on public transit in bad weather.

I consider it my patriotic duty to chip a little back into the kitty in support of the governmental and financial infrastructure that made it possible for me to put a roof over my head, pay my bills, divorce two wives and raise my daughter.

If me paying more in taxes allows my neighbor the financial security and flexibility to raise his kids and divorce his wife (who has a great rack, a drinking problem and a slutty little tramp stamp)...

...then who am I to be selfish?


Leigh Ann said...

Aren't you angry about all those "entitlements"? Don't you feel like it's "spreading the wealth" for you to have to share 63 cents of YOUR money with blind pensioners? Don't you feel like a Marxist for supporting a library system where people who don't work can read FREE books? Don't you worry about endorsing "Socialism" with that $1.58 you had to pay to support people with disabilities (including the ones that DON'T WORK???)?

Just kidding. I listened to speeches all day, and got a kick out of the way the lower-middle class right wing would "boo" anytime Palin or McCain would say anything about "spreading the wealth." Heaven forbid anyone but the wealthy should have it!

Xavier Onassis said...

leigh ann - I love the way the Republicans always talk about making sure that WE get to decide what causes WE want to contribute to. Because Gubbmints am always BAD!

How many of us even have "blind pensioners" on our radar screens?

Given the fact that pensions are pretty rare these days, thanks to the unfettered free market crowd, I'm happy yo help them out.

And I know WAY to many librarians to bitch about free books.

m.v. said...

actually I didn't hear anyone bitching about property taxes so sarcasm is misplaced a little here. my property taxes are 10 times higher just because bank and I happen to co-own a small townhome in JoCo.

emawkc said...

I'm with you XO. I think all taxes should be voluntary.

Now would be a good time to educate yourself about the differences in the local, state and federal tax systems, though.

Faith said...

I think the question should be, how did the "blind pensioners" even get on anyone's radar screen???

And how do we know that isn't ome sort of code phrase for "gas for the private Governor's jet"?

Just some food for thought from your local, crazy-ass Republican...

Faith said...

That should read "gas for the Governor's private jet." I need chocolate in order to form sentences in a clear, understandable manner...::rolls eyes at self::

travel said...

I just checked my Jo Co personal property tax for my car. They don't even give us the courtesy of breaking down where the money goes.

Poodles said...

I just got my house taxes... 1300.00. I would more happy to pay it if it didn't go to the mormon church...oops I mean, Salt Lake County.