Friday, December 19, 2008

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Bring Their 18th Child Into The World


Eighteen fucking kids. Do they even need medical staff at this point? I think not. It's not even "giving birth" any more in the sense that you and I think of it. It's more like rolling a bb down a freshly waxed hallway.

But don't be fooled by these people. They aren't just an incredibly fertile couple with a healthy sex life who love kids. Oh no. They have an agenda.

The Duggars are what are known as "Quiverfulls". You won't find any mention of "Quiverfulls" on their official Web Site (where they sell their book to help finance their religious fetish). Because they have to know that rational people would be saying "what the fuck is wrong with you people?" if they knew the truth.

But it's right there in their header if you know Biblespeak...

"Children are a heritage of the Lord - Psalm 127:3"

But the Quiverfull Web Site isn't trying to hide anything and they quote a bit more of the passage in their header...

"Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the Fruit of the Womb is His reward. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them... - Psalm 127:3,4,5"

They go on to say

"We exalt Jesus Christ as Lord, and acknowledge His headship in all areas of our lives, including fertility. We exist to serve those believers who trust the Lord for family size, and to answer the questions of those seeking truth in this critical area of marriage.

Whether your quiver is large or small, you are welcome. Come browse our articles and resources. Also, be sure to check out the QuiverFull Digest, our email discussion group that was started in 1995.

Dedicated to providing encouragement and practical help to those who are striving to raise a large and growing, godly family in today's world!"

But this wacko religious idea to have as many children as possible is more than just a faith fetish. It's a political movement.

"According to journalist Kathryn Joyce,

“Population is a preoccupation for many Quiverfull believers, who trade statistics on the falling white birthrate in European countries like Germany and France. Every ethnic conflict becomes evidence for their worldview: Muslim riots in France, Latino immigration in California, Sharia law in Canada. The motivations aren't always racist, but the subtext of "race suicide" is often there.[6]"

"Quiverfull authors Hess and Hess, along with Joyce, also connect the proliferation of conservative politics as a motivation behind Quiverfull. Hess and Hess state,

When at the height of the Reagan Revolution the conservative faction in Washington was enforced with squads of new conservative congressmen, legislators often found themselves handcuffed by lack of like-minded staff. There simply weren't enough conservatives trained to serve in Washington in the lower and middle capacities.[2]

Hess and Hess continue by envisioning that the offspring of Quiverfull families might enter national and local politics to bring conservative majorities, publicly-funded education to bring the teaching of creationism, and business to adjure companies to adhere to what adherents see as Christian sensibilities.[2][6]"

This is all about birthing as many white, Christian babies as possible, indoctrinating them in narrow minded, intolerant, rascist, fundamental Christian views, and raising them up to be lawyers, politicians, judges and power brokers who will have the juice to force their fantasy-based bullshit down the throats of sane, rational human beings with the force of law.

So the next time you see a picture of that big, lovable Duggar clan,

remember that you are looking at a platoon of religious Nazis who want to force their way of life on you.

I'm just sayin'.


Midtown Miscreant said...

Throwing a hotdog down a hallway comes to mind. Seriously, her WhoHaa must be like a two car garage at this point.
I had toyed with doing a post on these breeders, but looks like you did them up nicely.

Satyavati devi dasi said...

I did a post on these people when they had #17. I am honestly and totally convinced that they have a pregnancy fetish, and I do mean fetish in the sexual sense, not to make a circular pun. I think they both get off on her being pregnant, and I think it's really, really frickin twisted. And that's coming from someone who has tripped some serious freakmeters in her day.

PlazaJen said...

just don't let 'em collude with the Phelps folks. They all crazy. Makes me quiver with disgust.

May said...

This is totally why my parents had 6 kids! And why others in our church had 12... yeah. It's totally insane.

Faith said...

They frighten me.

I saw a piece of one of their t.v. shows a couple of months of their older boys was proposing to his "girlfriend", which is a term I use loosely, since I don't think either of them were (a) old enough to drink or (b) had done much more than hold hands and chat on the phone a bunch. He had balloons. And was wearing a suit. And was proposing to her in a restaurant that appeared to be similar to something like a Tippins, if they still existed.

It's all very disturbing. Very, very fucked up.

dangerousdaisy said...

I saw that one too, by accident. They weren't even going to kiss until their wedding day, and they held hands, continually non-stop in a weird "I'm so religious" way.

I'd like to be a fly on the wall on that honeymoon.

Someone needs to get them a copy of Marilyn Chambers/John Holmes.

Anonymous said...

While the libs have few children and abort like crazy, the others are having LOTS OF KIDS!

Haven't you all noticed?

Of course not, because you are so intellectually superior to mere Christians.

In the meantime, you are earning multiple DARWIN AWARDS.

Demographics alone will defeat you, not to mention your life hating philosophy.

The Crusader

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, Hip Guy, the NAZIS are the ones who KILL people, who abort bablies a few DAYS before they are due like Tiller the killer.


You have your facts reversed.

The Crusader