Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Story Continues...

There is more fascinating news on the 100 Year Old Weblog about the aftermath of the raging gun battle that took place between police and a family of river-boating religous fanatics.

This is amazing stuff!


Faith said...

Thanks a BUNCH, man. Due to you, I've lost most of my afternoon in the reading of stories from the paper from 1907. (I had to go back to the beginning of that blog so I could understand what was going on. A lot of people committed suicide in 1907 by drinking carbolic acid. WTF is carbolic acid, and why did they keep selling it to people???)

mainstream said...

Yeah, Faith, I can't stop reading that stuff. It's pretty hilarious that they repeatedly refer to the RELIGIOUS FANATICS.

This is pretty funny - one of the FANATICS was escaping to Bonner Springs, when they got a lead from a Negro who trimmed the escapee's beard in Armourdale. (The escapee was shot in both hands):

"Ramsey said that the man came from the east about 5 o'clock Tuesday evening and, when he left the shop went west. The man acted strangely while in the shop, refusing to take either of his hands out of his pockets.

"He got in a chair and ordered me to take his hat off," said the barber. "He kept his hands in his coat pockets while I cut his hair and trimmed his beard I had about half finished when he seemed to get very nervous and said, 'Hurry up. I have to meet a man.' When I got through with him he got out of the chair and had me put his hat on his head. Then he made me take the money out of his left trouser pocket. He explained that his hands had been frozen and he couldn't take them out of his pockets.

I said, 'You must have been in a colder climate than this. He said, 'Yes, I was up north of here fishin'. That was all he said."