Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Why Don't More People Know About This??


You have got to go over to the 100 Year Old Weblog and read this incredible story!

Apparently, 100 years ago, there was a raging gun battle in Kansas City between a family of religious fanatics and the police witnessed by about 500 spectators! The first shot was fired by a 12 year old girl! There was a "high speed pursuit" on the river!

I'm not kidding you, this would make one hell of a movie! A lot more dramatic than the Union Station Massacre.

The articles never come right out and say what religion the "fanatics" belonged to, but their belief that only 144,000 people will make it to Heaven is a big clue.

Seriously, I don't understand why I am just hearing about this now. There is definitely a part for Christopher Walken in this movie.


Janet said...

as a former member of the "only 144,000 go to heaven" religion, I'm pretty sure they were not part of it, at least officially. The jargon is different for the time. The JW's were "Bible Students" back then, and they were quite willing to go to jail, it was "persecution" and worked quite nicely for them.

Way cool site!

Satyavati devi dasi said...

This was really fascinating. I did a little research to try to figure it out.

The only people I can find, strangely enough, who ever preached the whole Adam God thing, are the Mormons; no less a person than Brigham Young himself.

I can't find any reference citing the Witnesses as believing anything about Adam being God. The 144,000 belief is pretty widely known as a JW belief.

So I'd have to say that either this represents some hybrid fringey group or that the reporters got it wrong to some degree.

There have always been 'religious' groups who have no qualms killing people who get in their way. But on the basis of this story I don't think we can pin it down to any currently existing group.

More! More!

MoxieMamaKC said...

I love 100 yr old web log! I've heard of this story, but never read the article before. I guess in a place where John Brown ran wild, and Fred Phelps is near, religious fanaticism is kind of passe...? Still, it WOULD make a helluva movie!

"The D" said...

What do you mean you've never heard that story you were FUCKING THERE!!