Monday, February 23, 2009

Poll: Politicians trusted more than business leaders on economy

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30 percent express confidence Wall Street will make right decisions to end recession

75 percent say President Obama will make the right moves regarding recession

Poll: Obama has more Republicans trusting him than Wall Street has

Majority opposes providing rest of bailout money to banks

By Paul Steinhauser
CNN Deputy Political Director

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Call it a sign of the times. A new national poll indicates that when it comes to dealing with the economy, Americans have more confidence in the White House and Congress than Wall Street, the banks or auto executives.

So much for the Free Market Economy and Republican policies that got us into this mess.

It's time for the grown ups to take charge.


Old Fart said...

Businesses, Wall Street, and republicans aren't the only people that brought about this mess. EVERY idiot serving in congress is responsible, and every president since Reagan has helped this along.

Government is a big part of the problem, simply because they want their nasty little fingers in everything. The slightest little bump in the road, and government wants to "make it all better"... problem is, they only make it worse.

So the American public thinks more of congress and the POTUS... half the American citizens are idiots who don't know the first thing about their own finances, never mind running a company. I don't put much stock in polls answered by people who don't understand that politics isn't a sport where you root for a team.

Xavier Onassis said...

Old Fart - I agree that congress is responsible in as far as they abdicated their responsibility to enforce regulations.

They were asleep at the switch and let Big Business do whatever the fuck they wanted while they turned a blind eye and pocketed the cash like every other greedy fuck in this country.

Our entire economy, BEGINNING with Reagan, was a sham. A house of cards. We produced NOTHING except false valuations cloaked in deregulated secrecy and completely fictional accounting.

Shit's gonna change.

emawkc said...


I agree with the entire statement above with the exception of the last sentence.

Anonymous said...

The Free Market Economy did not get us into this mess. We did not have a Free Market Ecomy...since the mid Clinton years, the banks had to make a high per centage of loans to people who could really not afford their paymetns.

What Obama is doing is socializing the economy, starting with the banks.

That really worked well for the Eastern European and Soviet States..not.

And where are the TRILLIONS COMING from?

The PRINTING PRESS...massive inflation is sure to follow.

The Anti Atheist