Friday, March 06, 2009

Crossing The Street 101

I work downtown and I commute from Independence to KC via Independence Ave.

I've noticed a phenomenon that begins when I cross 435 and get closer to KC. It reaches it's peak at 10th and Main at the metro bus plaza.

What I observe all day long, every day, is people just casually walking out into the middle of the fucking street like they are strolling across a park.

There are two crosswalks and stoplights a half block away in either direction.

They don't use them.

They don't look to see what color the light is, they don't check to see if any cars are coming, they don't make any fucking effort whatsoever to get across the street as fast as they can.

They don't even take the shortest route, a straight line, across the street.

Oh no.

Thay just sort of amble across at a diagonal, taking as long as possible, disrupting as much traffic as possible, and endangering themselves as much as possible.

But here is the worst part.

They do this with their fucking kids with them! Sometimes with babies in strollers!

What. The. Fuck???

I remember going to great pains to teach my daughter to only cross the street at the cross walks, and only when the light was green, and to still look both ways to make sure all the traffic had come to a stop.

Not these folks. Nope. "Oh, those lights don't mean nothin'! Pedestrians always have the right of way! You don't need no lights or crosswalks. Just step right out there and they have to stop for you. Take your time. No rush. Be cool."

So do I believe that a 7 year old kid could run out in front of an oncoming fire truck with lights flashing and sirens blaring?

Yeah. Sadly, I really do. Because I've seen irresponsible parents training their children to do that very fucking thing, all day long, every day.


The Wednesday Weekly said...

That's because folks back home in KC are far to nice and considerate and will slow down for these kids... Try that in, say, Brooklyn and you get run over and then ticketed for Jay Walking on your way to the hospital.

Le Grand Lapin said...

XO, it's everywhere. Watch people coming out of Barnes and Noble or Best Buy out on 39th. They charge off the sidewalk and into the parking lot as though cars had never been invented. Then they get to their cars and drive the same way.

Hound Doggy said...

I've always may have the right of way (or not) but the car will always win.

Poodles said...

Thinning of the herd.

Olentangy said...

I notice this and it pisses me off. I take it as a "f you for driving through my neighborhood" gesture.