Thursday, March 19, 2009

The President on 'The Tonight Show

This is the most important and hopeful thing that I heard...

"THE PRESIDENT: Well, and part of what happened over the last 15, 20 years is that so much money was made in finance that about 40 percent, I think, of our overall growth, our overall economic growth was in the financial sector. Well, now what we're finding out is a lot of that growth wasn't real. It was paper money, paper profits on the books, but it could be easily wiped out.

And what we need is steady growth; we need young people, instead of -- a smart kid coming out of school, instead of wanting to be an investment banker, we need them to decide they want to be an engineer, they want to be a scientist, they want to be a doctor or a teacher. And if we're rewarding those kinds of things that actually contribute to making things and making people's lives better, that's going to put our economy on solid footing. We won't have this kind of bubble-and-bust economy that we've gotten so caught up in for the last several years."

YES! Let's encourage a FACT AND REALITY BASED economy where people produce real things that have actual value!

New knowledge, new products, new efficiencies, new materials, new jobs! Let's figure out how we can ALL survive and thrive on a sustainable basis that benefits EVERYONE.

That isn't Socialism. That's common sense!


Nick said...

That's just crazy talk!

; ' )

I Travel for JOOLS said...

I think we could do with fewer politicians too - all they do is "make" us mad and before they were politicians most of them were lawyers and we could do with fewer of them too.

Faith said...

Ok, if anyone didn't get that without Obama saying it to them, then that's just sad. " what we're finding out is a lot of that growth wasn't real." Um, they're just finding that out now??? If that's not scary, I don't know what is.

I certainly don't view it as a hopeful statement. Scares the shit outta me that they didn't have that figured out 5 fucking years ago...