Monday, June 08, 2009

I Need Professional Help

I have needs! I'm willing to barter services.

My needs fall in to 2 categories:


I have a wireless home network that mostly works. In fact, for the very first time, I was able to successfully print a document from my HP mini on the Canon printer hooked up to my upstairs desktop over the wireless network. YAY!

Over the weekend, I was also able to secure my wireless network so my neighbors couldn't piggyback on my wifi signal.

However, I have also taken a step backwards. I can no longer access the internet through my wireless network via my HP netbook. This is a HUGE problem.

Finally, I have a huge, 200 gb hard drive that I salvaged from my old Dell XPS that I have transferred to a Rocketfish hard drive enclosure. It is connected via a USB cable to my desktop. I need to be able to access it over my wireless network from my netbook.

So, to summarize my Home Networking issues:

Need the network to be secure.

Need to be able to access all peripherals from all connected computers.

Need to be able to access all files on all file storage devices from all connected computers.

Need shared access to the internet from all connected computers.

I would also like to be able to easily add new computers to my home network that will share all of the above qualities, but allow me administrator rights to lock out selective rights.

So there's that.

The other category of Help Needed involves this blog.


I've had complaints of my blog crashing my visitors systems. Hell, sometmes it even brings me to a halt. I removed a lot of the overhead, but the problem persists.

One of my Aussie buddies pointed me to W3C Markup Validator. It found 589 errors and 178 warnings in the HTML code for my blog. I suspect this is the culprit. I don't know HTML. I don't know how to clean it up.

I can supply a text file or link to the HTML file. I need someone to CLEAN MY SHIT UP!

These are my needs.

If you are local, I can barter services. If you aren't local, I am open to other barter suggestions.

But I seriously need some professional help. I'm in over my head.


Anonymous said...

We already knew you needed professional help ;)

You asked for it.


"The D" said...

200gb hard drive? That's a lot of porn!

May said...

My friend James might be able to help you out with at least the HTML coding problem.

SmedRock said...

Get a network storage enclosure, and networkable printer hub (I use an airport express for that).

Sometimes getting HTML to work correctly can be a booger. Especially when it comes ti the IE series of browsers. They uh, suck, for the lack of a better technical word.

When you ran that WC3 checker did you do it without your widgets int he code? That causes 90% of most errors at times. Then again, you could just have a fucked up site. :)