Friday, June 05, 2009

My First "I Just Won The Lottery!" Purchases

If I won the lottery...

NEC 43" Curved LCD

"The NEC's new 43-inch curved LCD on sale July, featuring 2880 x 900 pixel resolution, it looks amazing! It will cost you $8,000! More specs: 200 cd/m² brightness, 0.02ms Rapid Response, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, Wide color gamut with 100% coverage of sRGB and 99.3% coverage of Adobe RGB, USB Ports, DVI-D and HDMI 1.3 input connectors."

Star Trek Classic Captain Kirk Chair
"The unbelievable chair measures 41-inches tall x 42-inches wide x 39-inches deep. It weighs about 215 pounds! The working swivel seat with wooden handles, leather seat cover, and armrest controls make this the perfect addition to any collection, display, home theater, or museum! The chair, seat of the chair and arms of the chair are made of wood, the seat is covered in leather. There is an iron base the chair is mounted on for rigidity. Limited edition of 1,701 pieces worldwide."
But with ButtKicker technology!

Harmony® 1100

This will be mounted into the arm rest.

"3.5-inch color touch screen: You’ll be able to see the icons and commands, even in the dark. You’ll have the commands you want, when you want them. And you’ll be able to access all the functions of your devices. Help is even available right on the screen.

RF wireless capability: Lets you control devices that you keep behind closed doors, even those you can’t see. (Requires the Logitech® Harmony® RF Extender, sold separately.)

Customizable icons and controls: You choose the commands you want to see, when you want to see them. Even choose the icons you want to use for each command.

One touch to your entertainment: No more complicated lists of what to turn on or which button to select.

Everyone can select what they want to do—such as “Watch TV”—and your Harmony remote does the rest.

Replaces up to 15 remotes: You won’t waste time digging through a pile of remotes again.

Charged and ready: It’s rechargeable so you won’t be looking for batteries when you want to be watching TV.

Guided online setup: You connect your Harmony remote to your computer and you’re guided through every step.

Live answers to your questions: If you hit a snag, live customer support is ready to help.

World’s largest A/V control database: Your Harmony supports more than 225,000 devices from 5,000 brands, so you know it will work with what you have today and what you’ll add tomorrow."

LG BD390

"Integrated 802.11n Wi-Fi; Netflix, YouTube, and CinemaNow streaming; superfast disc loading; plays music, videos, and pictures off a connected USB drive or over network; Profile 2.0 compatible; onboard decoding for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio; 7.1 analog outputs; 1GB onboard memory."

Panasonic SC-PT760

"It comes with a smooth-running five-disc DVD changer, wireless surround speakers, an integrated, flip-down iPod dock, and upscales video over HDMI up to 1080p"

If I'm reading all of this correctly, I could download internet porn, watch it in HD on a curving 43" screen, hear the faked orgasms in bowel-loosening, bass-rumbling, surround sound, while controlling everything with a high-tech remote from Captain Kirk's Command Chair.

This is pretty much all I ask of life. I'm a low maitnenance kind of guy.

After securing and installing all of the above, I might consider paying some bills, buying my daughter a car and maybe starting a college fund for her.


m.v. said...

for that much money you could have live porn come to your house

Bull E. Vard said...

You left out the hanging rope or belt so you can Carradine yourself

Nick said...

Wouldn't moving to where the action is -a small closet in Krung Thep- be more, ah...what am I looking for here....


; ' )